HERE are 6 ways to raise a compassionate child

Updated on Dec 04, 2020 02:30 PM IST  |  544.5K
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HERE are 6 ways to raise a compassionate child

Parenting plays a vital role when your kids are at a young age, especially between the age of 5-10 years old. These are the prime years to form the base for any child for their mental, emotional and brain development. Your children are eager to learn and explore as they observe everything around them and take it as a learning. 

In today’s day and age, when everything is run on selfish motives, it is important for kids to know the importance of kindness, empathy and compassion at a younger age. Hence, it is vital to teach them about ways to be more compassionate towards other human beings.

Here’s how you can encourage empathy and compassion in your child as their key personality trait.


Teach them by giving references

The best way to teach kids is by giving them references. Be a storyteller for your children and narrate stories or incidents that are positive and that prove that being compassionate is a good virtue with good consequences.

Treat your children with respect

Only when you treat your children with respect is when you will receive the same treatment from them. It is all about reciprocating love and kindness. 

Express your emotions in front of children

Show your children that love, compassion and being kind is not a sign of vulnerability and in fact, it is a sign of courage and strength. By expressing your emotions, they will see it as normal and try to imbibe the same.

Acknowledge kindness


Do not disregard kindness in front of your children. Be a role model for your children and show them by treating others with the same level of respect and kindness. Be sure to acknowledge kindness from others in front of your children and appreciate people more often.

Restrict unhealthy or toxic environment

Restrict yourself from swearing or cursing in front of your children. Try to be more polite and less aggressive in your behaviour towards them. If you feel angry, do not lash it out on your children as this might induce a toxic environment.

Tell your child to be grateful and help those in need

Your kids need to be grateful and thankful for what they have. Teach them at a young age that nothing comes easy and not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a luxurious life. Set an example for them by helping the less privileged when you have more than what you need.

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