HERE are 7 tips to survive a winter pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a challenging time due to seasonal changes, especially during winters when temperatures are low and there is dryness in the air. Lack of moisture and bone chilling weather can cause several difficulties for women during their pregnancy. Here are 7 tips to survive a winter pregnancy.
HERE are 7 tips to survive a winter pregnancy
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Winters can put people to several trials in terms of dealing with harsh weather conditions and freezing temperatures. The body takes time to get accustomed as the immunity system weakens and it can easily catch a common cold or a virus infection. This matched with pregnancy can be risky for women as they have to take extra care of their body and prevent it from catching a virus or falling sick.

There are multiple hurdles that might get in your way of enjoying your winter pregnancy like freezing temperatures, lack of moisture, dryness, dehydration and body pain. Here are 7 hacks to cure a winter pregnancy and survive the cold.

Drink plenty of water

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential to survive a winter pregnancy. During cold, we tend to drink less water and the water intake needs to be high during pregnancy at all times. To cure light headedness and dizziness, it is essential to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Sign up for virtual yoga classes

Keeping your body active is important. During winters, you can practice yoga and mediation by signing up for virtual classes. There are multiple online yoga classes for moms-to-be that you can take part in. It will help reduce back pain and ensure a smooth delivery.

Invest in overcoats

Get yourself warm overcoats and maternity winter coats. They are beneficial for keeping you warm while keeping the comfort intact. Maternity winter coats are designed to fit your baby bump and keep your belly warm as well. 

Get hot water bottles 

Invest in hot water bottles that you can keep in your bed to keep you warm and cosy. You can place them under your blankets before hitting the bed and remove them later. This will create a warm and cosy environment for you to easily doze off into and get a goodnight’s sleep without feeling cold.

Wear anti slippery shoes

Avoid walking on icy sidewalks as they tend to get slippery in winters. Take small steps and invest in good anti slippery shoes of boots that will keep your feet warm with a good grip. Don’t carry anything heavy while you are walking down the stairs as you might slip.

Sanitise your hands frequently

Carry a hand sanitiser with you always. Washing hands in cold can be a daunting task. Thus, carry a hand sanitiser and make sure you sanitise your hands frequently, especially before eating something. 

Eat well

Having a proper diet with a lot of dry fruits, green vegetables and warm food is important to build your immunity. These nutrients will help you fight all the diseases and prevent you from falling sick.

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