Here are signs to know if you are Carrie Bradshaw of your girl gang

Are you a hopeless romantic and believe in the power of true love? Do you consider shopping as your retail therapy? If yes, then you definitely are Carrie Bradshaw. Not convinced? Here are some signs which'll prove that you are Carrie from Sex and the City.
Here are signs to know if you are Carrie Bradshaw of your girl gangHere are signs to know if you are Carrie Bradshaw of your girl gang
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Sex and the City is by far the most preferred TV series ever. Let it be Carrie and Mr Big's on-off affair or, Miranda-Steves romance, everything about this show is so relatable and so fresh. And I must say, the woman in the series Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda have been giving us #SquadGoals since the late '90s. This show explains to us how women can be independent, strong and successful, but still have each other's backs. 

But in every girl gang, there's one girl who always stands out, and in Sex and the City, it was Carrie Bradshaw. You can love her, hate her, judge her but cannot ignore her. Most of us resonate with Carrie on some level. Let it be her taste in men or her fashion sense, Carrie has always managed to capture our hearts in the end. And if you can relate to Carrie then, here are signs which prove that you are Carrie Bradshaw of your group. 

You have a shoe fetish:


For you, shoes are sacred. You cannot help but buy shoes almost every week. Right from sneakers to stilettos, you love to have a shoe collection. You just need to have all the shoes in the world. They are your babies, and you handle them with utmost care.


Shopping is your cardio:


People go to the gym to shed off those extra calories, you go shopping. There's no better therapy than retail therapy for you.


You know who your true friends are:


You love your friends, and stand by them no matter what. You cherish the time you spend with them, and love them no matter what!


You like the idea of being in love:


In spite of several heartbreaks, you still like the idea of being in love. You tend to find someone to crush on every month. The idea of love makes you happy, and you don't want to give up on that for anyone.


You're a city girl:


You're proud of your city, and there's no place in the world that you would call your home if it's not your city. You love the idea of living in a big city and will live there for the rest of your life.


You live life on your terms:


You only do what you feel like, you consider others opinions, but always end up doing things that you feel is right for you. You’re determined to live and succeed on your terms.

Do you relate with all this? Then you are Carrie for sure.

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