Here are some super simple makeup tips for older women

Check out the simple yet effective makeup tips for older women to deal with ageing skin with ease.

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Here are some super simple makeup tips for older women
Here are some super simple makeup tips for older women

Makeup is something that everyone loves and adores. It is something that makes us women feel pretty, glamorous, stylish and ready to take on the world! When it comes to different techniques of makeup, some popular ones include contouring, highlighting, airbrushing and stippling. Different kinds of skin require different kinds of makeup techniques.

The skin type of each person depends on various factors such as age, diet, lifestyle, skin routine and many other things. When it comes to women who are sadly older, there are only certain kinds of makeup techniques that suit them and that make them look graceful, elegant and stylish without going overboard. As women get older, their skin is likely to change. There will be some fine lines and wrinkles that are perfectly natural to arise and the skin can also become slightly dry and have an uneven texture or tone.

At such times, what is important is to have a skincare routine that helps you deal with such problems and swear by makeup techniques that help you hide and effectively conceal these problems. So check out these makeup tips for women who are having to deal with mature skin and things such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Test the makeup products in the right places 

The first thing to always keep in mind while applying make-up on ageing skin is to always test the makeup in the right places. This means that whenever you test a makeup product, avoid testing it on the back of your hand and instead test it on your thumb or forefinger to see how it looks on the texture of your skin and whether it is similar to it or not.

Try to apply the maximum amount of makeup on the centre of your face

The centre of your face is probably one of the most important areas where there should be makeup to cover those lines and wrinkles. Start at your nose to hide the pores, expression lines and whatnot. Then hide the dark circles by applying a foundation or colour correcting cream in the centre and blending it in an outward direction. Blend the makeup as seamlessly as possible and try to cover the problem areas perfectly.

Adjust your lipstick texture 

If you feel that the gloss lipsticks are a little too much for your age, then you can always adjust the texture and look. You can turn any lipstick into a muted one by mixing it with some matte powder or a suitable shade of eyeshadow or bronzer. After applying lipstick, you can also dam your mouth lightly with a tissue to get rid of the excess lipstick and to slightly mute the colour.

Always apply makeup in an upward and outward direction 

Another important thing to always keep in mind is to apply skincare in the outward and upward direction to get rid of saggy skin and expression lines. Whenever you are applying things such as creams, oils or serums working away from the centre of your face to an outward direction to get the circulation going and ensure that the product is perfectly blended into your skin. You can start at the base of your neck and then work upwards to the jawline. This will ensure that you massage your face in an upward and outward manner instead of pulling your skin down and making it look soggy and tired.

Try to apply brow makeup before the eye makeup

Another helpful makeup day is to apply your brow makeup before the eye makeup instead of applying it after. When you feel your brow shape and extend it gives your eye area a bigger frame. This will help you understand how much I make up you need to cover that frame and area.

Accept the imperfections 

When your skin begins to age, it is a very natural thing for your skin to start becoming more asymmetrical as you grow older. It may be that one row is slightly higher than the other or one side of your face has more wrinkles in lines than the other side. So instead of trying to conceal these imperfections and trying to make your face look symmetrical, try to accept the change instead of going overboard with the makeup and trying to look something that you’re not.

Make a new eyelid crease with makeup

A very common problem that older women face is tired, hooded and saggy eyes. As you grow old, your eyes can look smaller and applying makeup can get tougher on such areas. So what you can do is to apply makeup on the lids and use a darker shade to blend it from the lash line and over your crease area to extend the eyelid crease. This will help your eyes look fresher, bigger and prettier and will give you increased area to apply stuff like eyeshadow and eyeliner on.


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