Here is everything you need to know about the free spirited and revolutionary Aquarius

Unconventional, offbeat and nonconformists are some traits of the air sign Aquarius. Check out some more personality traits and characteristics of this zodiac sign.
Here is everything you need to know about the free spirited and revolutionary Aquarius
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People born between January 20 and February 18 belong to the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarians are innovators and have a rebellious streak in them. They do not believe in predictably doing things. They are revolutionary beings who want to change the world. 


They are free-spirited and nonconformists and are usually inclined towards offbeat and unique activities. Famous names who belong to this zodiac sign include Shakira, Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys and Elizabeth Banks. Here is everything you need to know about this air sign.



Aquarians are the last ones to take the conventional path. They are all for offbeat and unconventional options, be it films, music, fashion, etc. They take the less-trodden path and believe in living life on their terms. 


They are incredibly intelligent and sharp individuals. Aquarians believe in solving the problem by analysing the situation at hand instead of making a fuss about it. They have an open mind and always welcome to new and even conflicting viewpoints.

Best personality trait

Aquarians are friendly and warm souls. They want to take everyone along in their revolution and make efforts to make everyone feel comfortable. They value their relationships and can go to any lengths to make their people happy. 

Worst personality trait

Aquarians in their attempt to change the world and bring a revolution, often go against the conventions just for the sake of it. They are too focussed on changing things and can be a bit stubborn at times. 

Most compatible with

Aquarians are compatible with Sagittarians as both are free-spirited and adventurous in their approach. They can also make it work with Geminis as they are as social and warm as Aquarians. Cancerians too gel well with Aquarians due to their similar energies and ideologies.

Least compatible with

Leos are strong and opinionated souls who are stubborn and headstrong just like Aquarians. Thus, it is easy for both the zodiac signs to have conflicting viewpoints and arguments. Taureans are down-to-earth and humble beings who tend to stick to conventions and traditions, and so they can at times have conflicts with free-spirited Aquarians.

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