Here’s how each zodiac sign unintentionally ruins their relationship

Wondering why things don’t work out for you in a relationship? Read on to know what is your worst habit that might be ruining the relationship for you.
People,zodiac signs,relationship,astrologyHere’s how each zodiac sign unintentionally ruins their relationship
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Relationships are beautiful and most of us try to do their best to make them last a lifetime. So, we tend to be the best version of ourselves to make sure that our partner is comfortable in the relationship. But sometimes things don’t always work out that way. Somehow, we end up resenting our partners or things take an ugly turn without a warning. What happens? 

To understand what affects your relationship in the worst possible way, you need to know what you might be doing wrong. It might have something to do with your personality. Astrology can help you decipher a lot about yourself, and you might be able to figure out what exactly is it that might be ruining things for you. Of course, it is unintentional but knowing the problem might help you fix it before things get complicated. 

Here’s how each zodiac sign unintentionally ruins their relationship.  


Aries are known to be honest and straightforward, but sometimes they end up saying things they regret. Not every person is willing to accept the quick temper and fix things every time this happens. So, you might want to curb the explosive tendencies if you want the relationship to last. 


Taureans like to maintain a schedule and stick to it. But what they fail to understand is that there has to be a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to relationships. Being too rigid in the relationship might make their partner uncomfortable. 


Ruled by the twins, Geminis aren’t able to focus all their energy on one thing. They like to juggle different things at once, meaning they might have multiple jobs at once or juggle several hobbies. Of course, this isn’t ideal when a serious partner comes into the fold. Geminis need to understand that relationships require time, commitment, and lots of attention. 


Cancers are super sensitive and it’s difficult to predict what’s going to offend them. As compassionate as this water sign is, they can also be very moody. When in a relationship, they should know that simple disagreements don’t make their partner their enemy. 


Leos love the spotlight and don’t like it when it is taken away from them. It might not be intended, but they get jealous and even controlling when that happens. Leos must remember that their partner also deserves to glow. 


Virgos are perfectionists who strive for perfection in everything in life. This earth sign should keep in mind that love relationships are fragile and scrutinizing the dynamics on every step of the way might do more damage than good. 


Libras like balance in life. They try to avoid issues and tend to have a diplomatic approach to things. While it might be ideal for them, it is not such a great trait when it comes to relationships. Coupled Libras should know that arguments and problems are a part of a relationship. Avoiding conflict will only lead to pent up feelings and might cost you your relationship. 


Scorpios don’t open up to someone easily, but once they do, they are in it for life. If they feel that their partner isn’t as involved in the relationship as them, they might become overly possessive and paranoid. They may even test their partner’s loyalty. This habit of maintaining power in the relationship might ruin things for you. 


Sagittarians are wanderers and love to travel. They are thrill-seekers and expect their partner to be the same. While keeping the excitement alive in a relationship is important, Sagis must remember that relationships are also about the mundane daily life together. Chasing excitement over commitment might jeopardise their relationship with their partner.  


This stoic sign is described as workaholic, and most Capricorns expect their partner to either match or exceed their drive. While it could be great for someone who shares the same ideology, but others might start resenting you for the same reason. Capricorn needs to understand that everyone has their own definition of success, and they should not push their partner. 


Aquarians are humanitarians and wish to make the world a better place, but what most Aquarians forget is to tend to their partner. You must exercise compassion and treat your partner with as much kindness and respect as you do others. 


Pisces are creative and live in their own dreamland. Your thoughts about love are idealistic, but not when you have to resolve an issue. Your habit of turning away from problems and avoiding confrontation can make your partner feel ignored. Don’t forget, communication is key to a healthy relationship. 

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