HERE’s how external energies affect us mentally, physically and emotionally

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How to create positive energy around yourself

It’s a very interesting topic to talk about energies. Energy concept is not understood by most of the people. It is a force that keeps a person or thing moving on. We all talk about energy but no one has seen the energy or felt it. Still, we all are affected by different sorts of energies whether it is a positive or negative. So how do these energies affect us in our day-to-day life? Dr Kajal Mugrai, Occult Scientist, sheds light on this fact and talk about it.

How energies affect people or places?

Most often you can hear people saying that "I am feeling very energetic today" or "My energy is very low today". If a person feels good, he says, "I am surrounded by positive energies" and when a person feels bad or sad, he says, "I am surrounded by negative energies".

Our body is made up of energy and we need a force to live our life. There are so many external forces or energies which affect our mood and health from time to time. There are no scientific reasons for this.

We feel positive and happy visiting certain places, because they have a good and positive vibe or aur as people visit that place with positive vibrations, full of love and hope.

On the other hand, when we feel sad or depressed going to some places, then it means the place has negative aura or vibe which radiates the same energy to its visitors.

How one can catch negative vibes?

One more important factor is that there are so many negative energies in the atmosphere as well. People who are low on vibration or aggressive in nature, catch these energies and they feel their body drained out and weak. And when a person is affected by black magic energies, that can drain out a person mentally, physically, emotionally and even financially. Any influence of external energies can even change the behaviour or nature of a person from their usual self.

So, if you think something is happening to you without any reason, just analyse what kind of energy is affecting you. Don't hesitate to take professional help.

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