Here’s how indulging in humour can be a saviour to beat the pandemic anxiety

The pandemic has hit us all hard and has undoubtedly taken a toll at our mental health. Adding some humour in our lives can uplift our moods and make us feel relaxed and refreshed.
Here’s how indulging in humour can be a saviour to beat the pandemic anxietyHere’s how indulging in humour can be a saviour to beat the pandemic anxiety
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With the looming sadness, loneliness and the fear and anxiety due to the pandemic, humour can be our saviour. Humour is something that connects us all. It binds us and gives us a new perspective. During this global pandemic, laughter is something that we all need to indulge in. Whether it’s sharing memes or watching stand-up comedians, having a nice laugh is always beneficial. 

It is like therapy for the soul. Humour reduces stress, pain and anxiety. It gives your mind a much-needed break and helps you lighten up. It gives us positivity and helps us connect more with others. It makes you feel good about yourself and gives you a fresh outlook on life. 

Here’s how you can laugh to your heart’s content

Share memes with your friends

Your friends are people who know you and get you, sharing a bunch of memes with them every day will help you connect with them and will crack them up.

Subscribe to YouTube channels

If you feel anxious or depressed, just search for funny videos or even prank videos to entertain yourself and have a good laugh. We assure you there are some hilarious videos out there.

Watch hilarious videos

There are tons of videos that will make you laugh and cringe, whether it's watching dance videos or those hamming videos, they are sure to keep you hooked and laughing away to glory.

Play board games

Bring out that board game that you’ve been meaning to play for a long time and gather your friends or family members to just relax and unwind together.

Watch a classic gag fest

The easiest way to tickle your funny bones is to watch a classic film that always makes you hysterical and makes you forget your troubles and worries.

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