Here’s how you can deactivate and delete your Snapchat account

Updated on Jul 14, 2021 07:35 AM IST  |  198.4K
Here’s how you can deactivate and delete your Snapchat account

Snapchat is a popular photo-sharing application wherein you can send photos or snaps to your friends with various filters and emojis and have a good time. Another unique feature of this application is that you can maintain a “streak” with your friends that makes it even more appealing to message your friends everyday.

But there can be times when you want to take a break from this app and want to delete your account. You can deactivate or delete your account on Snapchat only by using a desktop browser. So follow the steps given below to deactivate your Snapchat account. 

Step 1


Go to Snapchat’s account portal on your desktop browser. Log into your account. Enter the security code sent to the phone number linked to the account and click on "Submit."


Step 2


Click on “Delete my Account” on the “Manage My Account” page. Once you do this, Snapchat will ask you to enter your username and password again. Re-enter your details and click on “Continue”.



Step 3


Your account will be deactivated and will be deleted after 30 days. If you want to reactivate your account, you can simply log in to Snapchat.


Step 4


Before deactivating and deleting your account, you can also download your data on Snapchat. To do this, simply log into your Snapchat account on the web browser and click on “My Data” followed by “Manage my account”. Click on “Submit”. Now check your email that is registered to your account for the link to download your data and click on the link


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