Valentines Special: Know how your partner likes to be pampered based on their zodiac sign

Finally, the week of romance is here and people are planning surprises for their special ones. So, Jeevika Sharma, Guidance Counsellor, and Tarot expert talk about how you should surprise your partner based on their zodiac sign.

Updated on Feb 10, 2021 08:56 AM IST  |  1.8M
Valentines Day Gift Zodiac
Valentines Special: Know how your partner likes to be pampered based on their zodiac sign
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As valentine’s week has begun and Valentine’s day is fast approaching, the ones planning to spend the day with their special one would want to begin the occasion by giving something special and precious to their partner. It should be something that represents how special your relationship is. But, to decide what to give is the most important question. You could make your decision according to your partner's zodiac sign as well. So, Jeevika Sharma, Guidance Counsellor and Tarot expert talks about what you could gift your partner according to their zodiac sign.


A fellow Capricorn is more appreciative of your effort. Any attempt to entice them by flashing some cash will all be in vain. So, put in a little effort. It could be as little as curating the events of the day and give your full effort to create something for the surprise.



In general, Aquarians are among the materialistic bunch. But they are appreciative of it. You could give something expensive to your Aquarius partner and but be sure they would forever appreciate it. Now, how expensive the gift should be is solely based on how much you are willing to spend. It could anything from an object to a lunch or a dinner. Whatever you decide upon will always be appreciated and never forgotten.


Pisceans appreciate anything which could be used in day-to-day life. They would despise anything that would be sitting in some corner and completely forgotten. A good perfume or maybe clothes would be a better option. No matter what you decide upon it should be something they would use almost every day.


Your Aries partner prefers value over anything. Here, the value doesn’t mean expensive, it should be worthy enough. You have to know that your partner good enough to decipher what they think is worth paying for.


Taureans would always prefer that whatever they are getting is not expensive or too expensive. They prefer more easily affordable things and sometimes even cheap things as well. But, don’t just get them the cheapest thing you can find. They would be set off by it.


Now, they are the ones who gauge on the basis of quantity and not quality. And, no matter what you give them they would always be a little less grateful. If you give them a lot of non-expensive things, they would surely be joyous but, that happiness would very soon evaporate.



Cancerians love when their partner successfully decodes what they want to be gifted. It can be said that they play games with their partner to test them. You have to be careful when planning a surprise or buying a gift for your Cancerian partner. Because they will surely judge you based on the gift.


When getting something for your Leo partner you might put in a lot of effort. But Leo’s don’t look at what their partner is giving them. What matters to them is attention. Leos want only your attention and nothing else. You give them ample of it and your Leo partner will be happy.


In terms of gifts and surprises, Virgo’s have a futuristic eye. They calculate the value on the basis of how useful will something be in future. They don’t want anything which would be of no value after a few days. So, don’t give your Virgo partner a bouquet of flowers.


You could give anything to your Libra partner and they would be impassive. What they want is something which has a great emotional value attached to it. You could give them anything and Librans would only measure the emotional value of the gift.



Scorpions want your undivided attention no matter what. They are particularly a fan of gifts. Scorpions want a show of your utmost care and attention. And, sometimes this show of attention seems fake to outsiders but your Scorpion partner would never bother what others think.


Sagittarians like travelling or outings which should be adventurous and exclusive. They look for comfort. It can be a coffee date or a lunch or dinner date surrounded by natural beauty or maybe a long drive.

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I'm Scorpion, it's true , my hubby is cancer so it's very true