Here’s how your zodiac sign might influence the kind of music you listen to

Just like other things, astrology might influence your taste in music as well. Read on to know what kind of music speaks to you the most, based on your zodiac sign.
People,zodiac signs,music,astrologyHere’s how your zodiac sign might influence the kind of music you listen to
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Ever wondered why you are always drawn to a certain kind of music? Believe it or not, astrology may have something to do with it. As they say, astrology tells a lot about a person and influence what they like. Just like that, the stars may have something to do with your taste in music as well. 

Do you too end up listening to a few favourites after listening to all the hot tracks? While music preferences may differ from one individual to another, you might get surprised by how your zodiac sign influences your taste in music along with other things. 

Here is how your zodiac sign may influence your music choice. 


Naturally energetic and bold, an Aries born likes the tunes that reflect the same energy. High-tempo beats and self-confident anthems might be the one most Aries-born would prefer. 


Ruled by the planet of beauty, music and art, Taurus -born like anything passionate that feels natural and sexy is what aligns with the energy of this earth sign. 


Known for their communication skills, Geminis would probably groove to lyrically driven tracks that tell an interesting story. So, they might listen to hip-hop songs involving a lot of creative turns of speech and puns. 


Just like their personality, Cancers might get driven to songs that invoke emotions and tug at the heartstring. They might be drawn to artists who tell an emotional story through their songs. So, music that speaks to the soul is probably their cup of tea.


The “all-attention-on-me” sign may like something that lets them take the centre stage. Think fun, poppy dance numbers that you can’t stop but dance to on the dance floor. 


Calm, soulful, meaningful lyrics are the kind of music Virgos would love. From old-school to new thoughtful songs, Virgos will listen to any artist who tries to include a variety of tastes in their discography. 


Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love and music – Libras love the idea of love. So, if you haven’t guessed it already, this air sign is driven to lighthearted, lyrical love songs that keep the romantic in them alive.


Emotionally intense and mysterious, Scorpios favour music that keeps them in touch with their emotions and helps them feel things deeply. Complex, cryptic lyrics filled with intensity might just be a Scorpio’s jam. 


Sagittarians are fun-loving, open-minded and adventurous souls who like to explore things. While they might love eclectic and energised bops, they love to listen to a wide variety of styles and genres. 


Caps can be moody and edgy, but they have deep feelings that they seldom show – and this shows in their choice of music as well. So, you might find a Capricorn listening to the oldies and enjoying the soulful tone. 


Just like their personalities, they like music that has its own unique style and sound. From Indie Techno to Melodic Metalcore, you might find an Aquarius jamming to an unusual genre that you might have never even heard of. 


For Pisces, music is like an escape from everyday life. So, they like songs that allow them to get lost in the artistry and stays in their mind. So, you might find a Pisces grooving to everything from emotional ballads to hypnotic ambient beats.  

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