Here’s the importance of digital healthcare service amid the COVID 19 scenario

Updated on May 31, 2021 08:08 AM IST  |  154.6K
Importance of digital healthcare service in COVID 19 scenario

COVID-19 has created havoc across the country and has taken a huge toll on the healthcare workers. It has brought an unprecedented situation for those who are looking for general treatment. Currently, the country has a doctor-population ratio of 1:1456 against the WHO recommendation of 1:1000 and the second wave has further put our healthcare system under pressure.

Many hospitals and medical institutions have stopped their OPD services for non-COVID 19 patients due to limited resources and fear of the intersection of COVID 19 and non-COVID 19 patients. The stress of regular treatment and access to primary healthcare has mounted on those who need medical consultation other than COVID 19. But the adoption of technology in delivering healthcare services has helped us take a sigh of relief. The non-COVID 19 patients can access the service from their own comfort zone to get an illness treated, consult doctor for general issues and order medicines. So, Anuj Arora, Vice President and Business Head, vHealth by Aetna, talks about how digital healthcare service has been the backbone amid this pandemic, and why we should utilise this to stay safe from the deadly virus.

1-The healthcare sector has been able to provide plethora of benefits to us. With online tele or video doctor consultations, people not only get expert medical guidance sitting at home, but the hospitals are also able to manage the records in a much more efficient way.

2-The adoption of digital healthcare services has enabled the medics in expanding the reach of the healthcare workers and they can now reach out to the patients in the rural areas too without incurring any extra cost or setting up physical clinics.

3-During this time of crisis, doctors can’t check their patients regularly in the OPD section. But through online consultation, they can keep their practice going on and serve needy patients.

4-Patients with an emergency for consultation can reach the doctors digitally without wasting any time and order medicines accordingly online.

5-Last but not the least, digital healthcare is the solution to accessibility and affordability of quality care in different parts of the country.

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