Here’s a list of top 6 kitchen appliances you can’t live without

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Here’s a list of top 6 kitchen appliances you can’t live without
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Gone are the days when you needed just one utensil and fire to cook your meals. In these modern times, one needs to be well equipped with all the essentials needed for survival. Kitchen appliances have transformed over the years to make house chores easier and efficient to save time and effort. With work from home being introduced into our lives, one needs to find a balance between house chores and office work.

Hence, there are certain kitchen appliances that one cannot live without as they are the holy grail for any working mother. There are some kitchen appliances that have become a necessity over a period of time, especially during the current state of lockdown. 

Here are 6 kitchen appliances that you need to buy right away.


Cleaning utensils is one of the toughest tasks at home that everyone including kids despise doing. Hence, a dishwasher is a must have for all households and should be heavily invested in.

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Pop-up toaster

For a quick breakfast in the morning, a toaster has become an essential item in every household. Get yourself a toaster for perfectly toasted bread first thing in the morning.

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Another item that saves time and effort is a blender. For all your baking needs, a blender is a necessary item you need to add to your shopping cart right away!

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Auto Chimney

Cooking means producing heat and smoke in the house. Resolve this by getting yourself an auto chimney that will draw the unhealthy smoke and heat away from the kitchen and give you a smooth cooking experience. 

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Vacuum cleaner

Kitchen is one area of the house that tends to get dirty easily. Clean your entire kitchen along with wet dirt with this vacuum cleaner and keep your cooking section clean. This vacuum cleaner boasts a capacity of 10 litres and is equipped with a powerful motor.

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Double door refrigerator

Last but not the least, a refrigerator to store food and vegetables is a must for every household. This refrigerator comes with an auto defrost function to prevent ice build up and keeps your vegetables fresh.

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