Here's how DIRTY your mind is according to the zodiac signs?

Every person has some kind of weird sexual fantasies in their mind. This can define how dirty that person's mind is. So, here we have provided the list of most to least dirty minded people based on zodiac signs.
Here's how DIRTY your mind is according to the zodiac signs?Here's how DIRTY your mind is according to the zodiac signs?
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Sexual fantasy is when a person imagines about being intimate with another person. It may get triggered from within or by any external stimulation. Sexual arousal can also produce sexual fantasy. Every human possesses some kinds of sexual fantasies in their mind. And people are different from each other in terms of their dirty fantasies. So, how much dirty is their mind depends on their imaginations.

These are all secret and private thoughts that cannot be shared with anyone. So, people generally don't speak about their wild their sexual fantasies. But astrology can predict that based on the zodiac traits as they are all different from each other. So, here we have provided the most to the least zodiac ranking of people with dirty mind. Read on to know them below.

Most to least dirty minded zodiac signs:


You are the king of all the zodiac signs who get really dirty in bedroom and you cannot help it. You have a great passion for sex and will never hesitate to tell your partner what you want. You don’t mind taking charge and being the leader in the bed.


Leos can be really freaky in the bedroom. Leos are also very generous which is enjoyed by their partners. But sometimes, Leos get a bit self-centered and they want all the attention to them.


Aries people are born leaders and that is why they even want to dominate in the bed. Whenever they sleep with someone, they want to prove themselves as the best. This attempt of always being the best often makes you crazy.


Cancerians are genius when it comes to imagining and this work great in the bedroom. They are highly connected to their emotions and relationship. But this often may lead to insecurities in them with their partners. These people tend to pin down their partner on the bed as soon as they walk inside the door.


You are always busy with your tough schedules and busy work life. But as soon as you close your eyes, you start with your dirty imaginations. Sometimes, even you may start to think how much erotic they are. But your sexual fantasies always include multiple partners and different scenarios.


You tend to be an exhibitionist and can get freaky anytime and anywhere. You like to bring the bedroom fun out of it and show it to everyone. As you like travelling and freedom, it makes you want to have sex in different places.


You can be a bit weird in the bedroom. You like to see two persons getting physical with each other in the bedroom. Watching it is more fun to you. But when you get in the bedroom then it proves you are a great team player because of your cooperative quality.


The intuitive mind of the Pisces people can make the bedroom an easy place for their partners. And sometimes they can also feel like what their partners want from them. Highly imaginative mind of Pisces sometimes wants to escape from the harsh reality of the world. And this makes them able to spend many hours or even days with their lovers just in the bedroom.


People of this sign don’t like to talk about their emotions, feelings and sexual desires. So, they tend to not express their fantasies and this makes things boring for them in the bedroom. If you want to experience something weird, then you need to express that feeling to your partner without any hesitation.


For Taurus people, it’s mostly a romantic sex rather than dirty because you value every type of relationship in your life- romantic relationship, friends, family, etc. So, this may often make you spend some quality time with your partner just with cuddling. But you also can be really freaky while having sex.


You love connecting to others which makes you want to have sex with different types of people. You are just curious about having sex with a different person, but there is nothing dirty in your mind.


This is the shyest sign of all other star signs. You are willing to try new things on the bed. But you hesitate to do it because of the fear of being judged by your partner.

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