Here's how you can propose as per your partner’s zodiac sign

If you are planning to propose the love of your life, then make it extraordinary and memorable. Propose them according to their personality traits defined by sun signs. Read below to know.
Here's how you can propose as per your partner’s zodiac sign
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Are you going to propose your partner? Well, this is going to be one of the best moments in both of your life. So, why don’t you make it extra special? There are many exotic ways to propose the love of your life. So, you don’t need to rely on the same old styles.

You can simply propose your partner based on his or her zodiac personality traits. The style will then reflect your partner’s personality. So, here’s what you need to know about it.

Propose your partner based on his or her star sign:


Aries people have a strong personality. So, you may find it hard to make a plan that is too detailed. You can rather keep it simple. Make it in your normal weekly date to make it look ordinary. Don’t overdo on anything because that will scare them.


These people are highly practical and stubborn and they don’t get attracted to expensive or fancy things. So, try to tone down the grandeur of the plan. And make sure you are going to do it in a place where your partner feels comfortable because Taureans are highly associated with comfort.


Geminis are social butterflies. They may want to spread the news amongst their friends and family right after the proposal. So, plan a grand dinner party with friends and family for a surprising proposal.


Cancerians are highly emotional. So, make sure they are in a good mood while you are proposing to them. If they are not, then try to first lift their mood. Don’t forget to incorporate their favourite place for the proposal and try to be romantic as much as possible.


Leo people are highly energetic and passionate and they want to feel appreciated. So, write a letter expressing all your thoughts and wishes for them. They won’t mind if you plan for a semi-private proposal.


When you are planning a proposal for a Virgo, then keep an eye on every nitty-gritty of it. These people are perfectionists, so they notice each and every detail. They are also quite reserved. Hence, it’s better to plan for a private proposal.


Librans are highly romantic. So, whatever you plan, make it romantic as much as possible. Go for a long drive or plan a fancy candlelight dinner for the proposal.


When it comes to talking about love, Scorpions are quite adventurous and intimidating. Plan for something adventurous where you can explore new things like an unexpected road-trip.


Sagis like to take risks. So, you can arrange for a competitive physical contest like basketball or board game. Include their friends and family in this competition.


Capricorns are also perfectionists. So, it may be hard to impress them. But if you just simply plan a surprise proposal and get down on one knee, then they will be happy because these people are followers of traditions.  


These people are free-spirited, easygoing and casual. So, you have full independence to plan your proposal to make the moment special. They will even be happier if you plan something completely different.


Pisceans are the most romantic ones of all zodiac signs. So, keep that in mind. Seaside elements will work wonders as Pisces is a water sign. Don’t forget to give them some privacy after the proposal as they need to process this entire event and share their emotions.

Anonymous 8 months ago

yeah right taurus people don't get attracted to expensive or fancy things. who wrote this article? they are one of the most materialistic people in the zodiac!

Anonymous 8 months ago