Here's how you can surprise your loved ones on their birthday during quarantine

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we surely are missing out on some special occasions. And if your loved one's birthday is coming up soon, then here's how you can surprise them on their birthday during quarantine.
Here's how you can surprise your loved ones on their birthday during quarantine Here's how you can surprise your loved ones on their birthday during quarantine
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Coronavirus, which is now declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) has affected over 200 countries. And to combat this pandemic, many countries including India, are under lockdown. This lockdown means that you cannot go out to work, meet your friends or celebrate events that you would otherwise. Social distancing suddenly has become the need of the hour. And everyone is doing their best to fight this virus by staying indoors. However, we miss our loved ones when it comes to celebrating birthdays.


We all look forward to celebrating our birthday with our loved ones, but in this quarantine period doing that is certainly not an option. And it's quite frustrating to miss out on such events at this time, but you can always think out of the box and do something creative. Here are some ideas that'll let you enjoy birthdays despite the lockdown.


Ways to surprise your loved ones during quarantine days:


Video calling:



Make a plan with your other friends and do a group video call at midnight to celebrate his/her birthday. Make creative banners, sing songs, wear caps if you have at home and sing birthday songs.


Say yes to the hashtag:



So what if you can't meet your friend on their special day. You can still make their day special by using a hashtag on their birthday. Start a hashtag and ask all the friends to upload silly, funny, cute weird pictures using that hashtag.





You feel sad that you won't be able to celebrate your friend's birthday this year, and to make sure that your friend has a great quarantine birthday, make sure to send different happy birthday messages throughout the day.


Movie party:



So what if you can't go out and party together, you still can have a movie watch party with your friends to celebrate the occasion. You can have a watch party for the birthday girl/boy's favourite movie and chat along on via Netflix Party.





If you really want to give a present but can't give it physically because of the pandemic, then you surely can make some donation on your friends' name. It will not only make your friend happy, but you'll also do a good deed.





If you live in the same colony, building or complex, you can always call your friend to come to the balcony/terrace/window and sing happy birthday with your fam for them.

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