Here's how your horoscope can be the guiding light of your life, explains an expert

Our life is highly affected by our horoscope and it is responsible for many of the deeds of our life. So, Pandit Jagannath Guruji talks about how our horoscope can be the guiding light of our light.
Horoscope, zodiac signs and astrology Here's how your horoscope can be the guiding light of your life, explains an expert
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Astrology is referred to as a legitimate method of examining the influence of cosmic objects on every person’s life. Especially in India, a lot of people resort to astrology and horoscope reading to tackle issues they face in their lives. Rushing to an astrologer before deciding on marriage or starting a new business is no less than a ritual in our country. So, astrologer Jagannath Guruji talks about how horoscopes can be our guiding light.   

It is an undisputed fact now that astrology begins to play a key role in your life as soon as you take birth. It guides you, indicates the course one would chart in life, corrects you as a person and teaches a great deal. Be it the worst phase in life, or the happiest of moments, all are guided through horoscope and astrology. Needless to mention that your horoscope can play an instrumental role in preparing you for the eventualities ahead and help in taking decisions pertaining to all aspects of life, such as career, relationship, etc.

Horoscope is basically a representation of different planetary permutations and combinations. It is often said that a horoscope is like a human body, with its own strong and weak points. Just like you consult a doctor or other medical experts for problems related to your body and mind, you consult an astrologer to fix issues pertaining to your horoscope. Also, it is widely believed that there are a few malefic planets that make a horoscope good or bad, whereas the fact is that it depends primarily on the planet’s placement in different houses that make the horoscope strong or weak. In other words, for some people, Saturn or Jupiter might be malefic, but when placed rightly in a horoscope, it yields positive results.

Remember, a perfect horoscope is a myth. Be it a common man or a public figure, each one of us has both strong and weak points in our horoscope.

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