Holi 2021: How moms to be can enjoy the festival of colours?

There is no restriction for moms to be from playing Holi. They just need to be safe and protected. So, there are some simple guidelines shared by dietician Vidhi Chawla which they should follow to play a safe Holi.
Holi For New Moms Holi 2021: How moms to be can enjoy the festival of colours?
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Being pregnant may cause you to have different priorities than before, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun and enjoy yourself. And, if this is your first Holi after marriage, you won't want to miss out on the festivities. There's no excuse for missing out on any of the festivities. Simply following the few suggestions shared by dietician Vidhi Chawla will ensure that you have a good time while keeping in mind the health and comfort of your unborn child.

Go with herbal colours

Holi colours are full of chemicals and contain potentially dangerous substances like copper sulphate, lead oxide, and mercury. Chemicals can damage your skin, respiratory tract, and nervous system, as well as affect an unborn baby via the bloodstream. The so-called "pure" and "herbal" colours should also be avoided at all costs. Use flowers, turmeric, beetroot, onions, and other vegetables to create your own colours.

Stay away from water colours

When you're pregnant, Holi and water don't mix well. Playing in and around water puts you at risk of falling, which could hurt your unborn child. A fall could result in serious injuries to both the baby and the mother, so opt for a dry, eco-friendly, and healthy Holi.

Stay hydrated and avoid Holi drinks

Keep an eye on what you eat. It is important that you avoid fatty or excessively oily foods that can cause indigestion or heartburn. Bhang, a common Holi drink, should be avoided at all costs because it is harmful to both the mother and the unborn child. It has a negative impact on the developing baby's nervous system. To preserve the body's water level and remain hydrated, it's best for a pregnant woman to stick to water, fresh juices, plain milk, or smoothies. Sweets can also cause gestational diabetes. Although it typically goes away after childbirth, it can result in low infant weight, premature delivery, and birth defects.

Do not wear short clothes

Wear a full-sleeved churridar or salwar kameez. This would mean that a larger portion of the body is covered and that the body absorbs less colours and other harmful chemicals. Wear loose-fitting clothing. Also, avoid wearing high heels and make sure that your footwear is fully comfortable.

Avoid large crowd

The higher the number of people involved, the greater are the chances for the crowd to get boisterous. You can't expect all the people to understand your situation if you're in that setup. As a result, the best thing you can do is to skip all such events and instead enjoy the festival of colours with your immediate family and close friends. 

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