​Horoscope Today, August ​15​, 2019: Read your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Libra, Gemini, Leo

​Horoscope Today, August ​15​, 2019: Find out about your daily astrology prediction and horoscope for the day for your zodiac signs Leo, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, and Taurus. See what’s in store for you according to your zodiac signs

Aries sign people will achieve stability in the workplace. An outing with the family including ​​the spouse is likely. You are likely to work your way into the good books of those who matter at work. You will be assigned the responsibility of a prestigious project.  



Taurus sign people with additional skills can make the day good on the work front.  Avoid being emotional or getting worked up at the workplace. Your bank balance will be in the pink of health. Getting introduced to a charming member of the opposite sex keeps you upbeat but it will fizzle out soon.       



Gemini sign people are in for a physical instability as their health stars are vulnerable. A pat on the back for being a good daughter or mother is possible.  Some of you are likely to set out on a pilgrimage. Avoid discussing serious issues with the life partner as stars seem unfavourable. 



Cancer sign people will be acknowledged for their contribution to a prestigious project.  An outstanding amount may materialize suddenly.  Seniors are likely to appreciate your capabilities. Your head for figures is likely to prove beneficial today. Romantic thoughts are likely to dominate your mind.  



Leo sign people will have to provide full focus on the work front and not miss anything crucial.  Dealing with competitors on the work front may pose challenges.  Your decisions may not find favour with family and friends. You may be monetarily comfortable, but you still choose to conserve money. Spending time with an old crush is likely for some.  



Virgo sign people need to tighten their belt and be ready to spend the entire day at work. Overdue payment will come through. You will experience familial bliss and comfort.  If you are appearing for an interview, you are likely to get through. 



Libra sign people need to balance between home and office and it shall prove challenging. Not respecting your colleagues can get you on the wrong side of seniors.  There is no arm in being courteous. Spending time at an exotic location may turn counterproductive because of unforeseen problems. 



Scorpio sign people will achieve financial stability. Gains are foreseen in work if you approach the deal in collaboration. Property may come to you through a court ruling.  Those looking for a religious salvation are likely to get it.   



Sagittarius sign people will be in the pink of their financial health. Somebody may return your money or borrowed jewellery.   You may not be able to provide a full focus on the work front. Remain guarded on the academic front. The changed diet will help in reducing the waistline and acidity problems. 



Capricorn sign people will spend some fulfilling time with their loved ones. Your love interest is likely to make the day enjoyable. You will not be able to put with your colleague’s irresponsible attitude. You will enter the good books of your bosses. A passion filled evening is foreseen for some as the romantic stars brighten. 



Aquarius sign people will need to indulge in self-promotion in order to turn their fortunes. Those feeling under the weather will show improvement. Addictions are never good for anybody.  Some of you are likely to fall ill or burn your skin. Judge the situation on the financial front carefully.  



Pisces sign people will invest their money in a venture. Those thinking of tying the knot may set out in search of their ideal mate. A fun-filled evening and celebrations are in store for several of you. Your networking abilities will help someone on the professional front. 

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