Horoscope Today, December 11, 2019: Cancer, Virgo, Libra here's your astrology prediction for the day

Horoscope Today, December 11, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac signs Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Capricorn among others. Know what’s in store for you according to your zodiac.
Horoscope Today, December 11, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Leo, Virgo, Libra.Horoscope Today, December 11, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Leo, Virgo, Libra.
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Aries sign people will spend a considerable amount to perform a religious ritual. An old or stuck payment may come through which will give you a sigh of relief. However, you may not spend adequately even on the items of necessity.  There are chances that you will spend happy times with your long lost relatives despite your hectic schedule in the workplace. Your work will go on as per your plan. You should not pick up unnecessary conflicts with your brothers. Do not try to solve other’s problems or give unsolicited advice to them.





Taurus sign people will regain their lost energy and vigour. They will be upbeat and full of zest to go about their work and expectations.  All your work will get finished on time leaving room to do things of your choice. You will be appreciated for your excellent performance and a significant contribution.  Business people may either expand their work or earn a greater profit than usual.  There will be enhanced love between couples.





Gemini sign people will keep shelling out their money throughout the day.  You must save for a rainy day. There are chances that you will be made to go to different offices for work. Your health stars are weak which makes your stomach vulnerable to infections. You must pay attention to what you eat. Any minor error may prove disastrous.  You will get relief and happiness in the company of small children. There are chances of misunderstanding with your partner. Try not to react to everything he says or does.





Cancer sign people will spend an easy and smooth day. If you have been making schemes to start new endeavours, you will surely make a strong beginning.  Things will go on as per your wishes in the workplace as well as at home.  Something exceptionally good will happen in the life of students. You will in the pink of your health. An older relative or a senior family member will do something exceptionally big for you. You may have to go for an official trip.





Leo sign people will spend a positive day which may involve several small achievements.  There will be all-around rewards for you from every angle including praises for your style of functioning. You may purchase something exotic like an expensive watch or an item of indulgence like a massager. There will be enhanced love and harmony at home. You must hold emotional conversations with your parents. You may finalize a property or investment deal.




Virgo sign people will feel drawn towards a social cause. Things will be normal in the workplace but there will be too much running around for even minor tasks. You will get good opportunities for making monetary gains. Your familial and personal life will go on smoothly. Students, enrolled in higher education, will find this to be a beneficial day. If your exam result gets announced today, it will be favourable. 




Libra sign people will go through moments of self-doubt and debility. There will be hurdles in the way of routine chores as people will try to create problems for you.  You must take your exercise schedule and diet plans seriously as your health stars appear weak. Your stomach needs more attention. There will be unnecessary expenses. You may be given somebody else’s workload because of your efficiency and the other person’s inefficiency. Do not give unsolicited advice to anybody. You can simply listen to people and sympathise with them. 




Scorpio sign people will unexpectedly earn a heavy amount which will alter their mood for good. Traders may make new plans about expanding their business either by including a new item or by selling it in a different style. You should listen to other’s advice on how to do business.  There will be immense pleasure between the couples.  You may spend a romantic evening with the lover.  Students will get high scores if they get any result. You must spend more time with your family members. 




Sagittarius sign people must remain alert and vigilant about others’ intentions and interests. You should work with wisdom and a judicious attitude. There are high chances that an unexpected payment or arrears may come from somewhere. Your parents will support you and advise you on all important matters.  Your health stars are vulnerable so you must take proper precaution against seasonal infections.





Capricorn sign people will get rid of several obstacles and difficulties. You may achieve a major breakthrough in the workplace which will impress everybody including the bosses and co-workers. If you do something in partnership with a family member, you will surely make greater profits. You might spend the evening expressing your feelings to your partner. Your health continues to remain vulnerable so be particular about taking care. Do not become casual about taking medicines. Students will continue to learn well.  




Aquarius sign people will spend a day soaked in luxury and comforts. You may take leave and sleep throughout the day. You may find it difficult to concentrate on work. You may purchase something special today which will enhance your style and attraction. There will be love and romance between married couples. Your officers will involve you in a major project. You must exercise restraint on what you eat else you might spoil your health for a very long time. There will be an inflow of money. 




Pisces sign people will find this to be a favourable day. There will be inflow of money which will cheer you up. Your friends will support you in a special project which will prove a milestone in your professional life. You will go about your routine activities with a great sense of confidence. Do not convert every small discussion into a matter of debate. Spend time with young children or young people. Your lover will shower affection and warmth on you. Students will continue to learn.  


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