Horoscope Today, December 2, 2021: See daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Aries, Leo, Capricorn

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Horoscope Today, December 2, 2021: See daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Aries, Leo, Capricorn

Cancer, Virgo and Aquarius ascendant sign people are likely to enjoy a quiet time in the company of their family members. Read your daily predictions to know the possibilities for your ascendant sign.




Aries sign people will work very efficiently and with a great speed. They will aim at clearing the backlog of work and will greatly succeed in meeting their goals. This is a great day to hold conversations with interested people who may want to get into business deals with you. Your spouse will be loving and supportive. You will feel fit and fine today. There will be an influx of money. Your siblings may give you a surprise.



Taurus sign people might remain slightly dull and weak on account of physical discomforts and problems. There are chances of minor injuries too. Your boss will be on your side and may do something advantageous for you. You are likely to make efforts to enthuse spark in your relationship and convey your affection to your spouse. A social gathering or a family dinner is possible. Do not overthink and analyse people and situations. If you appear in an interview, work on your body language.



Gemini sign people will get the returns of their hard work done in the past. You will get a handsome profit from your investments. Students are likely to make accomplishments especially those who are trying to seek admission in prestigious institutions. Your sibling may give you a sweet surprise today. If a family member has been dealing with a health issue, the road to recovery will become easier now. Your bank balance will appear very healthy today.



Cancer sign people will think of a practical approach to complete important work in time. They will succeed in their efforts with flying colours.  The dilemma will persist over a personal issue and you will find it very, very difficult to make one choice. Your mother may need your time and attention. Be responsive. You are likely to enjoy a quiet time in the company of your family members and extended relatives. You may purchase an expensive gadget.



Leo sign people will have an exciting day when it comes to completing complex assignments that too as per the liking of your boss. Your seniors will be flattered with your accomplishments. Those looking for a new romance may succeed today. A property deal may get finalised as per your terms and conditions. This is a great day if you appear in an interview or a competitive exam. You may set out on an exciting trip with your friends.



Virgo sign people are likely to enjoy a quiet time in the company of their family members and some friends. Your bank balance is set to gain more health as the influx of money will continue. You must not be casual on the health front as problems are indicated in the stars. You will spend a lot of time taking rest or simply sleeping. You must avoid any rift with your seniors or colleagues.



Libra sign people will have a day of new possibilities and opportunities. Your efforts to improve your professional standard will bear fruits. You must remain indifferent to the family drama unfolding around you as your wisest statements will also be misinterpreted. A younger sibling may understand your situation and help you in resolving a few problems. Your outstanding achievement may add to your prestige and popularity. You may be asked to travel for a professional negotiation.



Scorpio sign people may be required to put in extra effort to accomplish tasks that may have appeared easy and smooth at the beginning. A misunderstanding or a heated exchange is possible between you and your brothers. You must take precautions to avoid that. An amount loaned today will be as good as lost. Consult your spouse especially, when you make long term plans. Your health stars indicate problems so you must eat well and rest. Money flows in.



Sagittarius sign people will achieve financial prosperity as there will be a greater influx of money today. It is a good day to make investments or even for getting involved in a lottery. This is a favourable day for those who want to pursue higher education in a foreign university. You and your spouse may make efforts to feel the same spark as you did once. You may plan an outing with your friends and have fun.



Capricorn sign people may be entrusted with leading a prestigious assignment in the workplace. Your boss will be completed by your side and give you all the support to lead the new project efficiently. You will be happy and will feel rewarded because of the new role and enhanced authority. Retailers may explore new opportunities and achieve greater footfall by making small changes in their approach. You must remain proactive and not delegate work to others out of laziness.



Aquarius sign people must remain cautious not to allow any rift with their seniors because of rude conduct or harsh speech. Keep your agitation under control while discussing sensitive issues or while people express their disagreement with you. You will witness a surge of energy which will help you complete all your work on time. Your bank balance appears healthy.  You are likely to enjoy a quiet time in the company of your family members.



Pisces sign people may remain dull and weak today as there are possibilities of a seasonal ailment affecting them.  You may not have the energy to even complete the pending tasks which may be further upsetting for you. There will be chaos and clutter to deal with. People may take a long time to get convinced as a result of which you will remain irritable and exhausted today. You may have to spend a large amount to purchase a few necessary items.

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