Horoscope Today, December 27, 2021: See your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Taurus, Cancer, Virgo

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Horoscope Today, December 27, 2021: See your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Taurus, Cancer, Virgo
Horoscope Today, December 27, 2021: See your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Taurus, Cancer, Virgo

Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant sign people will enjoy a peaceful ethos at home characterised by love and care for each other. Read the daily forecast for your ascendant sign to know further details.        



Aries sign people will have to cope with physical discomfort resulting in frailty. You may have a stomach disorder or a headache. Your work will move smoothly without any hiccups. There will be an inflow of money especially, the overdue payments from individuals as well as companies. You should remain calm and composed and decide even minor things after putting a careful thought.



Taurus sign people will achieve a happy bank balance and invest the acquired money further for growth. Your work will move as per your plans. Your parents may pass on their family property to your son which will enhance your financial standing and capital. A party or a social gathering is indicated in the stars. You must take into consideration the choices and dislikes of your spouse. Be more accountable towards her.



Gemini sign people are likely to remain on their toes. There will be challenges to face and resolve on the work front. There will be some issues related to payments., but those you will manage to resolve with your astute wisdom and practical approach. A social gathering or a surprise visit by a group of friends is possible which will brighten up the evening. A crafty person may lure you into an absolutely useless activity.



Cancer sign people will be in the limelight and in people’s talk. Their work and approach will be appreciated by everybody around them. Business people will be at their sharpest negotiation form. They will even break down the most difficult group to come to their terms and conditions. This is a favourable day to enjoy a luxurious evening with your lover or spouse. You may enjoy some of the finest pleasures of this world. Money will not be an issue at all.



Leo sign people will continue to work in an aggressive format and extract their dues from all individuals as well as companies. You will maintain a tactful and practical approach which will help you clear the backlog and meet critical targets. This will be a day of beginnings and endings on the professional front. A family youngster may do something to bring a spark in your life. You will end the day with a sense of gratification and get good sleep.  



Virgo sign people may earn laurels from their higher ups for completing a very complex project successfully. Your ability to be persistent in your approach will be noticed by even those who are hard to impress. There will be an inflow of money and it is going to be an easy day when it comes to work. There will be care and concern among family members for each other. This is a favourable day if you have an exam today. You must handle your siblings tactfully.



Libra sign people may have to shell out a large amount suddenly in order to buy a household gadget. There will be unnecessary delays and setbacks which might keep you irritable. However, things will start falling in place in the afternoon. If you are appearing in an interview today, you must prepare well and use your presence of mind while answering the questions. Do not waste your time in responding to pompous people who gossip for no reason and make tall claims.



Scorpio sign people will succeed in extracting their overdue payments from several sources as a result of which there will be a significant inflow of money. The day brings the possibility of a new professional project or a consultancy assignment for consultants. You will manage to complete a lot of pending work. There will be a peaceful ethos at home and family members will have care and concern for each other. You may help your spouse with his/her professional issues.



Sagittarius sign people will make new achievements which might be felicitated too. You will receive praise for your hard work. This will boost your confidence and improve your stake within yourself. Your astute market reading will enable you to make the best and highly beneficial choice in the share market. This will be a day of some solid beginnings for business people. You may finally get the most desired deal. There will be a peaceful and cheerful ethos at home.



Capricorn sign people will make great gains on account of an exceptional planetary alignment. You will notice your desires suddenly getting fulfilled. There will be a marked improvement in your achievements. You will manage to complete a lot of work and get immediate praise from your higher ups. There will surely be an inflow of money especially, the overdue payments. This is an excellent day if you have an exam or interview to appear in.



Aquarius sign people may remain distressed today especially, in the morning as the people may not cooperate and create delays and obstacles in their path. There will be some kind of physical discomfort too as you may feel frail and ill. Let the work move at its pace and do not exert yourself. Some of you might take a break from the humdrum of life in the afternoon and enjoy a quiet time in the company of your partner. Do not waste your time in resolving others' issues.



Pisces sign people will make a marked improvement in their achievements on the professional front. You will work very efficiently and manage to resolve several complicated issues at work. Business people will do well in their routine transactions. You may donate generously to a religious institution or to the poor people. There will be a peaceful ethos at home. The evening looks bright with the possibility of a romantic dinner or an intimate time at home with your spouse. 

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