Horoscope Today, July 4, 2021: See your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

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Horoscope Today, July 4, 2021: See your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio.

Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio sign people need to pay attention to their spouses as they may be feeling neglected and not looked after well. What do you need to look out for? Read your daily prediction to know.


Aries sign people are likely to do well on all fronts. A lucrative deal may get sealed on account of your exceptional negotiation skills. This will boost our self-image and help you gain prominence in your circle. Your partner will be very warm and caring. You both are likely to spend quality time together. A chance meeting with an old colleague will prove path-breaking for some new developments in our work life.


Taurus sign people may have to deal with clutter and chaos on the home front. The day will pass by without major losses or gains. However, there will be an inflow of money. Salaried folks may receive their arrears from their employers and business people may get their overdue payments. The enhanced workload and associated stress might give you negativity and a sense of disappointment. Do not do anything impulsively.


Gemini sign people may strategize their earning and investment in order to plan for some interest-based income. Some of you may invest in the stock market and make good money today as the stars are favourable. Salaried folks may think of doing an additional consultancy assignment. Things will move in the usual way at home and all the work will get done. Siblings are likely to chit chat and hold some pleasant discussions.   


Cancer sign people may start something new and close an important project with a sense of accomplishment. This will not let any fury emerge on the work front. Your spouse may be harbouring some complaints against you. You are advised to listen to his/her ideas patiently and not respond in an impulsive manner. Do not postpone important things for tomorrow. You may step out to enjoy a luxurious dinner with your family members.


Leo sign people accumulate fortune on account of their investment in the stock market or in a lottery purely on account of a stroke of luck. Good news on the financial front will keep the business and salaried people upbeat. Your colleague or a close friend is likely to give you suggestions which will be helpful in showcasing your strength and achievements. You will achieve stability in your emotional bond with your partner.  A family youngster is ready to embark on an independent journey.


Virgo sign people may find their work and life going haywire and out of their control. Your lethargy and procrastinating attitude may have contributed to this in a significant manner.  As a result of this, the pile of work will be enormous. Your boss may give you advice on how to manage your time well. Spending time with your spouse may become challenging as the dissatisfaction with you may be building up. This is not a good day to be impulsive in any way.


Libra sign people will enjoy the favour of positive stars in whatever they may undertake today. Professional and business front appears promising. Avoid being too blunt when you have to give negative feedback to somebody or convey an unpleasant idea. A younger brother is ready to make a big move in his academic life. A profitable deal may bring a large payment. You will go to bed with a sense of satisfaction. Your partner will keep you occupied and upbeat.


Scorpio sign people should go by their instincts and remain focussed on the present rather than worrying about everything that may go wrong. Some discontent may be building up in your lover’s or spouse’s mind as you have been largely selfish and self-centred in the recent past. Support of a colleague in finalizing an important professional project can be expected. A rival may do something that may bring gains to you. Exercise and meditation must be done.


Sagittarius sign people will maintain a strong hold in the workplace and pull the strings as per their wishes and understanding. You will manage to overcome the financial crunch for a short while. This is a favourable day to expect a good performance and a positive result if you appear in an interview. An interesting conversation with your younger siblings will sparkle fresh ideas about their education and career. Food and drinks must be taken in moderation.  


Capricorn sign people may feel bogged down by a few obstacles. You need to gather your energy and work with concentration by setting the targets and goals for yourself. Excellent results in business deals will boost the confidence of traders. It is time to pay attention to your familial responsibilities and duties in a renewed way. Enthuse fresh energy in your relationships. Do not finalize anything in a jiffy as it will land you in embarrassing situations.


Aquarius sign people will do well on all fronts. You will command authority in the workplace and keep things under your control. However, you will maintain a soft and approachable demeanour. A family youngster may add to the family's prestige by making an achievement on the academic front. You will remain fit and cheerful. A friend or a cousin may give you a surprise. Prayer and donation will prove therapeutic.


Pisces sign people will get hold of some new projects that will start giving returns immediately. Your savings graph will remain high. Some clutter and chaos is indicated on the work front but you will handle it all wisely. Differences among newly married will get sorted out easily. Take care of your health as over use of gadgets for work or entertainment may give you headache and irritation. A property issue will rest in your favour.

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