Horoscope Today, May 16, 2021: Check your astrology prediction for zodiac sign Aries, Leo and Libra

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Horoscope Today, May 16, 2021: Check your astrology prediction for zodiac sign Aries, Leo and Libra

Aries, Leo and Libra sign people are likely to receive pending payments or their arrears. What is indicated in the stars for your sign? Read your daily horoscope to find out.


Aries sign people will function in a fearless and courageous form. They will sail through all obstacles and resolve all kinds of problems with a sense of aplomb. You will clear the backlog very easily. Business people will benefit from the effect of a strongly positive stroke of luck. Pending payments are likely to get cleared. You are likely to indulge in some worldly pleasures such as a good massage or exotic food. You will remain cheerful.


Taurus sign people will spend time taking a stalk of their savings and investments. This will be an easy day. Some of you might take a leave and attend to some of the domestic responsibilities. You may get rewarded or appreciated generously for your recent accomplishments. Do not behave in an arrogant manner with anybody. Your health stars indicate a continued problem. You are advised to consult a specialist and go through a full body check up.


Gemini sign people will do very well on all the fronts. All your problems will get resolved without making any special effort. This will be a pleasant day for you.  You are likely to receive a monetary gift or an arrear from your employer. This will relieve you from your financial anxieties. There will be love and harmony at home and your family members will care for each other. An old and lost friend may suddenly reappear and take you down the memory lane.


Cancer sign people may not have the required physical and emotional energy to even do their routine work. However, you should try to gather yourself and complete as much work as possible. You may feel slightly irritated with the number of responsibilities but things will ease out in the second half of the day. You may have to spend a large amount on your treatment. Your partner will care for you.  


Leo sign people will work very efficiently and productively throughout the day. Pending payments or arrears are likely to be transferred to your account which will help you achieve financial stability. Business people will make higher profit in their existing deals. Something exceptionally positive should happen in the morning. A family youngster is likely to make an achievement and give a reason to be happy. Household shopping is indicated in the stars.


Virgo sign people will do well on the professional and personal front. Your work will move smoothly as people will cooperate. Some of your colleagues may go out of their way to help you. A relative might ask for some kind of help. A family elder is likely to give important advice which must be followed and implemented. There will be love and harmony among family members.


Libra sign people will have several positive experiences today. Pending and unexpected payments are indicated in the stars which will keep your spirits high. A new venture is likely to get planned. There will be love and harmony among family members. Your partner will have care and concern for you. A woman friend may help you in a major way. People are likely to appreciate your skill and knowledge endlessly.  


Scorpio sign people will have too many things on their mind to complete today. There will be some dilemmas or you may not have the energy to make certain critical decisions. Things will change in the afternoon very suddenly. Some kind of unpleasant interaction is possible among family members over a minor issue. You are advised to ignore it completely. You must handle cash and valuables carefully.


Sagittarius sign people will do exceptionally well on all the fronts. A new project proposal is likely to be made which will enhance your image in our professional circle. Your work will be appreciated by several people. There will be love and harmony among family members. A close friend is likely to do something good for you. Your father or an older relative may transfer some money in your name. You will remain energetic and cheerful.


Capricorn sign people may plan something new with their business partners. Pending payments will get cleared or if you had lent money to somebody, it may be repaid. You will remain relaxed in the afternoon and spend some easy moments with your spouse. Your health stars indicate a problem which needs to be investigated thoroughly so you are advised to consult a specialist. Your partner will care for you.


Aquarius sign people will receive their pending payments. Those who are employed in a job may receive their arrears. Traders are set to earn higher than usual profit today. You are likely to buy an expensive electronics item and enhance the quotient of luxury in your house. If you appear in an interview, you may face tricky questions but you will do very well. An older relative is likely to visit you in the evening and cheer up the entire family.


Pisces sign people will have to cope up with the indifferent attitude of their professional colleagues. They may not cooperate and also create additional problems by raising unnecessary issues. You should not waste your time in confrontations and backbiting.  A business deal may finally turn into your favour. You should not spend impulsively on wasteful items. Overindulgence in food may lead to some problems.

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