Horoscope Today, November 20, 2021: See daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Aries, Leo, Capricorn

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Horoscope Today, November 20, 2021
Horoscope Today, November 20, 2021: See daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Aries, Leo, Capricorn

Taurus, Virgo and Pisces ascendant sign people may not have the zest and enthusiasm to go about facing the challenges of life. Read your daily predictions to know the possibilities for your ascendant sign.




Aries sign people may go too harsh on themselves while working at home or office. This tendency should be avoided. Before you take any drastic step in familial issues, you must try to sort out things by dialogue. Profit is indicated in the stars if business people work strategically and push themselves harder. Too much work on the screen or reading fine details in smaller prints may give you irritation in the eyes. A loaned amount may be finally returned.



Taurus sign people may have to deal with a few skirmishes on the relationship front. You may lack the enthusiasm and zeal to go about fulfilling your responsibilities on the domestic front as a result of which there will be some unpleasantness. A piece of good news may strike on the professional front. Overdue payments are likely to get cleared. You must ask yourself what you want in your marital relationship before quarrelling with your partner.



Gemini sign people are advised to be careful while handling complex situations and people. There will be chaos and clutter to resolve which might drain you physically as well as mentally. You may be asked to travel to a distant office or a nearby town to make negotiations for a complex assignment. Take out time to spend some warm moments with your life partner. You tend to be lazy and postpone things for a later date.



Cancer sign people are likely to get a promotion according to their performance which will be considered superlative. Pending payments or arrears are likely to get cleared but only if you put pressure on the right people in a strategic manner. This may turn out to be a challenging day for students. You may get injured while working at home or sprain a joint while climbing up or down the stairs. This is not a good day to make commitments on the financial front or in property deals.



Leo sign people may have to bring some fundamental challenges in their approach on the work front. Your immediate boss will think ten steps ahead of what everyone else is thinking and that is why you must follow his/her ideas. Retailers are going to clinch profit in all their dealings no matter what the trade is. A generous act done by you in the recent past will fetch popularity. If you appear in an interview, your performance will be highly appreciated. There will be a peaceful ethos at home.




Virgo sign people need to push themselves harder in all the contexts otherwise there will be the consequences of delays and others’ frustrations to cope with. Your lack of enthusiasm may keep the work scene dull and inactive. You may miss important deadlines and later feel trapped in the mundane cycle of work. Do not give unsolicited advice to family youngsters as it will not be taken in the right spirit. Students waiting for their selection letters from universities will have to wait for more.



Libra sign people are advised to avoid junk and heavy food as they will only add to your stress and keep you in pain. You appear vulnerable to coming under the influence of a crafty person and wasting your time and resources on a dead scheme. Be cautious and wise in your approach. A family member may be in a highly sensitive mood and may not take your criticism rightly. You may read religious scriptures to enhance your knowledge.



Scorpio sign people will give the canter stage to their work and not allow any other thoughts to occur. A tram project will progress in a big way and bring a great sense of satisfaction. Do not take your spouse for granted as s/he may get offended at a personal joke. Work will give happiness but it will also bring exhaustion and discomfort. A younger sibling or a friend will help in attending to an emergency. Stay positive and cheerful.



Sagittarius sign people are advised to give in to their need to rest and relax. Their energy levels will be low and they may not have the zest to cope with the demanding humdrum of life. Your spouse is likely to look after you well and carry-on making achievements on the work front. You must mellow down while expressing your anger and dismay at others’ non-cooperative and inefficient attitude.  Your tendency to speak rather harshly may increase the conflict to bigger proportions.



Capricorn sign people will get several favourable opportunities today as a result of which they will make immense progress on the work front. A family youngster may need help in his job life as he may not be able to resolve the problems independently. New money earning proposal may come your way from somewhere and brighten up your spirits. Health and relationship, both demand caution from you.



Aquarius sign people will have to push themselves harder as their work will not come through easily. People’s indifference and non-cooperative attitude may increase your problems further. Despite adversity, you will manage to resolve some of the issues and take your work ahead. A family elder may need your time and attention. While dealing with your boss, do not be fearless in your approach as he may not take it in the right spirit.



Pisces sign people are likely to remain dull today. They may lack the enthusiasm to face the humdrum of life. A family elder may give important advice to resolve some of the recurring problems. Your brother may do something to cheer you up . You may waste a lot of time speculating over people’s reactions to your words and actions. It is not a good idea. Avoid junk food as it may give you severe discomfort.

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