Horoscope Today, October 27, 2019: Here's your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Pisces, Scorpio, Leo

Horoscope Today, October 27, 2019: Read your daily astrology prediction for the day for your zodiac signs Leo, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, and Taurus among others. See what’s in store for you.
Horoscope Today, October 27, 2019: Here's your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Pisces, Scorpio, LeoHoroscope Today, October 27, 2019: Here's your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Pisces, Scorpio, Leo
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Aries sign people will live out of their hard work, intelligence and valour. They will make their life easy sheer out of their capability.  Your expenses will rise despite your best efforts to control them but you will feel happy and elated in return. Work will still loom large in your mind as newer assignments may get assigned to you. There will be positive interaction with your partner whether spouse or lover. Traders will make good profits on account of festivities. You will truly be cheered by Diwali spirit.


Taurus sign people will enjoy the benefits that their spouses or partners can bring home.  This is a time of bliss and harmony.  Your health will be on its improvement ride if you continue to make efforts and remain careful. There will be more and more work which will not let you think peacefully about anything.  Money should not be a problem. You need to exercise caution about your choice of words and your tone. Do not spoil others’ festival by your outbursts.


Gemini sign people will exert their strength of character and decision making in their personal sphere and on the domestic domain.  However, your partner will be in a sensitive mood and prone to being hurt or feeling. However, you will have to cope with the workload and strenuous activities. This is not the day to indulge in sensitive discussions about your plans for the future. Your monetary profile will improve significantly with the festival of light and wealth.   


Cancer sign people will spend a day full of multifarious activities and interests.  You will make gains on account of every activity that you will undertake or perform. There will be a bonhomie between family members and extended relatives. You will indulge in luxurious activities and also the material of comfort and pleasure. You may splurge on domestic shopping falling victim to the festival and related spirit of gifting. Students will make the best use of the holiday and spend extra time on their studies.    


Leo sign people will continue to enjoy the positivity created by their stars. You are blessed today as the god of light and wealth smiles on you. Your efforts will bear fruit on every front. Your friends or family members will be in a cooperative mood. Your lover or partner will go through mood swings so you must remain careful and sensitive. You may plan a trip or an outing to enjoy the festivities.  Festival means expenditure and this will hold true for you as well. 


Virgo sign people will shine bright in their personal and professional sphere.  Your time will be in tune with the positivity around the festival. You will have the goddess’s blessings. Traders, under this sign, should prepare for bigger business than usual and also others. You may expect visitors and a cheerful ethos at home.  The money will not be a problem despite festival-related expenditure. If you indulge in a lottery or gambling, you are sure to make a kill.  


Libra sign people might spend a relaxed day soaked in exotic stuff. You may continue your shopping spree and buy expensive items for oneself and for the family members as well. You will maintain a stronghold over the affairs and decisions on the domestic front. Do not do anything in a hurry especially, domestic chores or cooking or other work in the kitchen. Your family members will enjoy the festival with the spirit of togetherness. Old relatives may pay an unexpected visit. Your health needs watching. 



Scorpio sign people may truly be blessed by the goddess of wealth and feel relieved from their money-related insecurities. New and old, all the assignments shall fetch gains and benefits. You will receive gifts and blessings in abundance. Students will draw unusual appreciation and rewards from their teachers. It will all be positive and favourable for you. You should visualise this as one of the days building up to a major change in your life. Speak mindfully and do not behave rudely to anybody.


Sagittarius sign people will gain a higher standing in all the spheres of life. There will be excitement, happiness, charm and acceptance in all your friendships, associations and relationships. You will emerge as a victorious king whose spirit is indomitable. Government officers, born under this sign, will make a killing when it comes to power and authority. The schemes and projects designed by you will continue to yield gains which might impress your bosses to no limits. Your child requires your continued attention and care.


Capricorn sign people will enjoy a relaxed time along with the festivities and the associated cheer. Despite a holiday, you will continue to manage work and domestic efficiency with a sense of perfection.  Children will add sparkle and sheen to your life. There will be enhanced excitement, happiness and cheerfulness at home. You will enjoy good food and the blessings of your elders.  You will feel truly blessed. Some of you will make exceptional profits.  A backache may bother you in the middle of the celebrations.


Aquarius sign people will have to keep calm and emerge as a problem-solving guardian. In order to enjoy the festive spirit, you may be required to douse the fire of anger and jealousy among your family members or close friends.   The festive spirit shall lift your spirits and give you reasons to be enlightened by the light and energy. You must think with a sense of proportion and take a larger view on reality. Your colleagues will express warmth and compassion. Festive sweets and eating may disturb your health. Exercise caution.   


Pisces sign people will maintain a strong hold in all the spheres of life as they are blessed with a positive combination of the stars.  Festive gifting shall fetch good amount of money and gifts. The relaxed Sunday and festive relief from work may prompt you plan and execute a major transformative step on your life. Your lover will keep you cheered up and elated.  You will enjoy a good spring Sunday at home with the family and friends.  

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