Horoscope Today, October 5, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Aries, Gemini, Libra

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Horoscope Today, October 5, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Aries, Gemini, Libra.


Aries sign people will remain lost in making an assessment about their success and failure with reference to what is already over. They will be on their toes especially till the afternoon. Traders may expect a windfall. Do not lose temper on people and arrive at a hasty conclusion about people and situations. Think carefully and strategically. Even if you win an argument with your siblings, it will not fetch gains so do not waste your time and energy. Despite exercising control, expenses will remain very high.  



Taurus sign people may remain very tensed and irritable till the afternoon on account of discomfort and poor health. There is a likelihood that you have to undergo tests and examinations for your recurring illness. Be prepared for an unpleasant situation and negative feedback from your bosses. Your tendency to speak without measuring your words and their effect may prove costly today as some important person may take an offence. A short distance trip is in the stars.  



Gemini sign people will be soaked in love and happiness today. Either your child will be very affectionate towards or you may plan for another baby today. Students will draw accolades from their teachers. Do not depend blindly on your friends for advice and help. They are not better or intelligent than you. There must be an inflow of money. You will remain tensed and unsure about your professional life and identity. Do not let negativity grip you at any point.  



Cancer sign people will face monumental obstacles at work and sheer negativity generated by destructive and envious colleagues. However, do not lose heart as things will improve once the afternoon gets over.  You will feel sad about monetary constraints and in the same context, a surprise payment may give you some solace. Your rivals might win one or two points today. Your health will not be stable and it may require some intervention. If you win over your irritability with your mind, you will go to sleep as a happy and content person. 



Leo sign people might have to deal with problems related to a younger family member or a sibling. Students will have to face several obstacles. Do not take everything as an attack on your self-respect or dignity. It is good sometimes to let go off the conflicts without making your point. Your expenditure will be on a higher side. You might have to crisscross the city for work. You will spend a cheerful day with your siblings and help you in making gains. A woman member of the family will be significantly helpful. 



Virgo sign people should brace up for a challenging day which will bring several problems to the fore.  Your health will rob you of energy and vitality. You will put in your best efforts yet the bosses may not get pleased. However, things might improve in the afternoon. This is not a good day to finalize or seal any deal. Better days are around the corner. You may ignite unnecessary conflicts with the family members and take them to greater heights by your harsh speech. The money will flow in.  



Libra sign people will remain sluggish and inactive throughout the day, as a result, their work may suffer. Your passive attitude may irritate your sibling and create a rift among you. It is possible to avert such conflicts if you remain sensitive to others’ emotions.  You will spend money to achieve prosperity and a pleasant lifestyle.  There will be demand for your time and energy in the workplace. Family life will be harmonious. 



Scorpio sign people will feel stretched to the brink in the context of financial instability. You may come across as an irritable person who doesn’t bother about others’ emotions and vulnerabilities.  A jaw or skull related problem is indicated in the stars.  Students will be pleased with their learning and work. A project may get offered at a distant place. There will be no dramatic activity in the workplace. Whatever may go wrong, you should not think about harming anybody.  



Sagittarius sign people need to brace up for a tense day as several obstacles will emerge in their work. You will feel fatigued and drained by just too many things on your mind. However, the money will flow in for salaried and traders both. You will make a solid entry in the good books of your bosses. You might enjoy the company of young children and feel elated.  A pending payment will be a source of stress.  Your life partner or love will give you reasons to be cheerful and surprise you with an admirable gift.  



Capricorn sign people will find this to be an easy-going day in the context of work.  Traders may have to re-establish a rapport with their suppliers or associates. It is likely that a family member’s health will be frail and keep you on your toes. You might get very tired and drained in the process. You will have to do the rounds of investigating agencies and laboratories. Do not lose temper on others or speak harsh words as the result will be detrimental for you in a big way. A small amount may come from somewhere.  



Aquarius sign people should find this to be a happy day in which work will be like cutting a cake. Your luck will be a blessing. No obstacles or problems will come your way. Students will be at the receiving end of either their teachers’ anger or the institutions’ inefficient functioning. Your lover may appear difficult to please or talk. You might get stressed about your child’s poor performance at school. Your health needs watching. This is not a good day to express your views on sensitive matters.  You may not be able to control your expenses despite working hard. 




Pisces sign people will achieve financial stability today. Money will flow in from several quarters. You will have to accomplish everything singlehandedly. Do not grow too big for your boots to offer advice to your elders or seniors at work. It can be detrimental to your career. You will have to deal with several dilemmas today. It may not remain possible to spend a pleasant and comfortable life style. Your parents’ need your time and attention. Students cannot escape the need to burn the midnight oil.