​ Horoscope Today, September 2, 2019: Read your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Libra, Gemini, Leo

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Aries sign people will come i​​nto earning mode.  A good choice of activities may find you climbing the popularity ladder. Fitness conscious people will introduce healthier options.  Your contention on the professional front will be proven correct and your opponents wrong. Women will emerge as reliable allies.  



Taurus sign people may start an exercise regimen with much fanfare but not follow it because of the lack of will.  Your seniors will be receptive to your ideas so you will be on the 9th cloud. Enhancement in the inflow of money is possible. The selection process in an exam looks favourable.  



Gemini sign people will make efforts to dissipate tensions at home. Their efforts will bear fruit in the afternoon. This will not be a smooth day for you. A slanging match with the spouse is possible. You must press your emergency saving mode else you might face a severe cash crunch. 



Cancer sign people will make significant gains on account of their friends and relatives. The favourable stars will see through that you don’t have to waste your time and energy. Eating right and maintaining n active lifestyle won’t go waste. The inflow of money is in the stars.  



Leo sign people may attempt to try something new on the financial front. Don’t be hasty in communicating negative ideas especially the unpleasant ones as you might hurt somebody. Students must work hard today. Positivity should be your mantra. 



Virgo sign people might start something but will not achieve much because of sluggishness.  You will enter the good books of your seniors.  You will flutter like a social butterfly. There are chances of a romantic meeting with a charming person. Money issues will be in your control.  



Libra sign people will be in a mood to splurge on a journey. Your contention on the professional or personal front will only bring problems and invite tensions.  There are chances of extreme fatigue so take care. Saving money should be your mantra now.



Scorpio sign people will sign on the dotted line for a new deal. You will spend money on buying the items of comfort.  The inflow of money will be the brightest aspect of the day. You will shine like a star at work. Keeping a step ahead on the professional front will be very easy. 



Sagittarius sign people will spend a cheerful day today. There will be some special news at work. You will find your bosses and colleagues supportive and expect auspicious events all through the day. Your partner might give you a surprise in the evening.  



Capricorn sign people will remain occupied with the issues of a young family member.  The selection process for an appointment looks favourable. The money will remain a tingling issue.  Conscious efforts on the health front will help.



Aquarius sign people must make healthy choices and take the steps towards a quest for fitness. Keep your outburst under control. A sense of pride conveyed in harsh words will go a long way to tarnish your reputation. Arguments are not your forte. 



Pisces sign people should look forward to visiting a fun place.  It is possible to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. The inflow of money will be in large amounts. You may plan something new in your occupation.  


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