Horoscope Today, September 27, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Aries, Gemini

Updated on Sep 27, 2019 04:43 PM IST  |  3.4M
Horoscope Today, September 27, 2019: Check daily astrology prediction for your zodiac sign Aries, Gemini


Aries sign people will spend the day soaked in romance, hopes and wishes for togetherness. There will be music and light of love including material indulgences such as  expensive gifts or tall promises for the future. You will acquire a vantage point on account of your partner. It is likely that someone interesting may cross your paths if you are single. All this might mean that you will also spend a lot of money. A promising journey is possible which will prove useful. You will be in pink of your health. Religion, as well as spirituality, will appear attractive.  



Taurus sign people may spend a large part of the day feeling confused almost about everything. You will have to exert more than usual even to complete minor daily activities.  Suddenly, difficulties will arise in almost everything but things might improve once the afternoon is over. Your health needs constant watching and investment. Do not delay consulting a doctor. A journey is indicated in the stars. There is no harm if you remain silent once in a while when a sensitive topic is being discussed.  Students will be happy today. 




Gemini sign people will sign new projects or finalize important new deals.  Things will be smooth at the workplace. Your seniors will be by your side and might also teach you a specific skill.  There will be overall goodness around you. You will be appreciated by several people for your brilliance. There will certainly be an inflow of money.  An interest-based amount may enter your bank account today. There will be harmony and cheerfulness at home.  You must take the initiative to keep your relations loving and warm with your partner. It is likely that you will hear something good today. 



Cancer sign people will have to do too much running around in order to meet the goals. This might drain you emotionally as well as bodily. However, do not be distraught as some rest will recoup you quickly.  You will be blessed by your bosses because of which something substantial may come your way. Students might get admission to the prestigious institution that they have been aspiring for.  Your mother and father will bless you. You may enhance the amenities at home so the comfort factor may rise sharply. Do not neglect your health. There is a strong need to be cautious about it. 



Leo sign people will find this to be a positive day. It is likely that you will get to hear something uplifting and auspicious at the workplace. A brother or sister will help you in a major way while dealing with a complex task. Your speech will acquire a magical quality today and people will pay attention to every word spoken by you.  You will spend a comfortable day. A journey is indicated in the stars. An unexpected business deal may come through. Your marital life will be harmonious. 



Virgo sign people might feel irritable because of an excessive expense. Students will not find this to be a favourable day.  You need to exercise restraint on your anger and aggression while talking to those who are your elders or superiors.  If you stay calm and behave in a strategic manner, things will fall automatically especially, once the afternoon gets over. There will be peace at home. A journey is indicated in the stars which will keep you happy as well and irritated at the same time. You may feel that injustice is being meted out to you in the workplace.   



Libra sign people may find this to be a bright day as new projects will come their way and augment their financial possibilities.  There will be a significant inflow of money even that amount may come through which has recently skipped your attention. You may finalize something significant today.  You may have to shoulder an additional charge in the workplace. You will do it with a smile. You will be looked upon as a very efficient and bright person in your field of work. A journey is indicated in the stars. Students will be pleased with their performance.  



Scorpio sign people will find this to be an auspicious day at work. It is highly likely that solid solutions to your money-related problems will come your way. You will be in the good books of your bosses and they might appreciate you publicly which will enhance your image and profile. Your seniors will be pleased with your work in the workplace. The eligible and interested ones may come across somebody interesting. You will be in pink of your health. Your health will remain good. You may crisscross the city today for your routine activities.  Mindful speech and controlled temper should be your mantra. 



Sagittarius sign people will receive negative vibes and might remain restless especially, until the afternoon.  You will put in your best in your tasks. Your younger siblings will come handy in resolving an important problem. You will spend good times filled with cheerfulness with your family members and friends.  Listen to your elders in the family and it will do well to you. The inflow of money will be smooth and without any glitches. Eat and drink mindfully as the health stars are indicating vulnerability. 



Capricorn sign people will find several lucrative opportunities but there will be hindrances in their path. You will feel weak throughout the lack and might lack the energy to go about even the minor chores. Students will be able to do a lot of activities today including learning complex principles. You might spend a playful time with your child and his/her friends. You may be faced with demands to help somebody financially. Postpone the decision for tomorrow. You might have to shell out a large amount on something so plan carefully.  



Aquarian sign people will strike goal in their daily trading activities. You will augment your amenities base so that life may become even more comfortable in its day to day details. You may take the family for an outing or enjoy a pleasant evening at home.  Your partner will be available emotionally as well as physically. Respond with warmth and affection. Your partner will help you in your occupational ventures too. However, there is a dire need to control your reactiveness and impulsiveness else very pleasant moments may also get turned upside down for you.   



Pisces sign people will find this to be a difficult day as several kinds of demands will be posed to you.  Business people might consider new items or services to be included in their trade. Your rivals may try to hamper your image but they will not achieve an inch in that direction. Your relatives will give you a reason to cheer and be excited about life. Students are in for a favourable day. What you sow is what you reap. You might go for a party with your family and friends and enjoy the blissful evening.