Horoscope Weekly, February 7-13, 2022: This week's astrology prediction for zodiac signs Virgo, Leo, Libra

Get to know your weekly astrology prediction and horoscope for Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and other zodiac signs. See what’s in store for you.

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Horoscope Weekly, February 7-13, 2022: This week's astrology prediction for zodiac signs Virgo, Leo, Libra
Horoscope Weekly, February 7-13, 2022: This week's astrology prediction for zodiac signs Virgo, Leo, Libra

Horoscope Weekly: Want to know how the stars have aligned to send a message to you as per your zodiac sign for February 7-13, 2022? Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Leo, what advice should you follow? Read your weekly predictions to find out.


This week you will feel unimpressed by the ongoing atmosphere. Meeting up with old friends will lift up your spirits. New equations are forged at work. Be wary of enemies who might try to defame you. You will come across many people who are only looking for a way to hurt you. You will have to adopt a practical and sensible approach to handle them this week or rather avoid them as you have better things to do. You have been slacking off because you have been sick recently but this week you will be doing great. You will have to work as hard as you can this week but make sure you’re not stressing out about working as it will only hinder your productivity during the week. Make sure you muster up the courage to speak your mind this week. Live a balanced lifestyle, sleep well and help your fellow colleagues this week. 


Your business will be a big challenge for you this week. You will not focus on it a lot due to personal reasons and towards the end of the week; you’ll realize the consequences of that. Being self-employed you lack a lot of discipline. Delay in the work of a particular client will cause you to lose your reputation in the industry.  Positive energies are great for you this week. You will have a happy day, relaxing and taking care of your health. Focus on taking care of your health. Make sure you think a thousand times before you make a decision this week because you will be walking alone on this path. You have to understand the tactics of not getting into confrontations and arguments with your family members that do not lead anywhere this week. Try to stay as isolated as you can this week. Consulting a nutritionist will work very well in your favor this week as new positive changes are in the cards for you.


You will have a challenging day in your business this week but in a fun way because you’re the one that’s winning without making much effort. Make sure that you’re the one that is focusing on the end goal and not on other competitors this week. You need to focus on how you will have to make some time for your partner and self improvement while also fulfilling the responsibilities you have towards your family. Your goal this week should be to make as many family members independent as you can so you can work on yourself. You will learn to be open-minded and be open to different behaviors and personalities instead of preferring that everyone behaves like you do which makes you less upset and hurt and happier as you will have lesser expectations from now on. 



You need to work out a plan for your future this week, as this week is not much lucrative for implementations but making goals and aims to reach that goal should be your agenda this week. You won’t be tempted to chuck it all away, but you’ll definitely want to make a move of some kind in a completely different direction. Your business will work out great for you this week. You will take a lot of pride in your decisions and hard work. Your loved ones will shower you with praises and appreciation for all that you have done to get to this point. You have been a very sweet person in the past but you will have to make decisions that upset some people this week hence make sure you’re on your best behavior this week.


Your health is not as good as you would like it to be this week. Taking time out to be physically active will make it great. Luck is not on your side this week when it comes to your finances hence taking any decisions this week won’t turn out to be lucrative. Nothing significantly negative will happen if you lay low and don’t make important decisions. You will feel hurt throughout the week from your loved one’s selfish behavior towards you. Indulge yourself in physical activities, as much as you can this week as it seems that laziness will overpower you in many situations this week. Do not rely on unnatural ways to look better this week as they might because you do more harm than good. It is easy for your significant other to fall in love with you this week. Expect some surprises. With time things will improve, you need to be more patient. You might make some tough decisions this week and you will be more susceptible to moodiness.


New opportunities will make its way towards you this week, be diligent about them, they can really work in your favor if you put in the work. You have a lot of work to do this week but you won’t feel like even getting out of bed. Don't allow stress or tension to influence your health and life. Seasonal allergies or an infection like cold will keep on affecting you this week. But, there is no need to worry much regarding your health. This is the week for change hence it will feel highly uncomfortable to you. Try to worship lord Shiva and express your gratitude for all that you have and where you are in life, it will be beneficial for your personal as well as professional life. Your health will keep bothering you this week and will leave you with little to no amount of energy.



Your business is doing great this week.  Your passion about your business speaks volumes to you. You are always fearless and inspiring. All those calculated risks that you took turned out to be in your favor and are paying off this week. You will feel sick and fatigued throughout the week. A tough week discussing difficult topics with your loved one will turn out to be very fruitful and productive as you will be at a whole new level of trust and understanding with each other. You will also come to the realization that you and your partner are very alike hence making you both very compatible. You will have to make some really tough decisions regarding your work this week. You need to consult a doctor and leave your work to take care of your own health this week. Even though other aspects of your life are going well, you will feel fine in a few days if you completely focus on your health and do not let it mentally affect you. 


Things will come relatively harder to you this week, you will have a very strenuous week. Even though it won’t majorly affect your business or finances try to be as optimistic as you can as being happy and relaxed will affect your productivity and health positively. You will be much focused and mostly achieve whatever you want you want this week. While you’re at a new high due to your success in your work this week, your health will quickly take that away from you, making you feel drained after minor activities and demanding that you rest. Your long hours spent at work won’t be appreciated by your partner as well. You need to handle your work with care. You will be helpful, generous and spend your money smartly and you are extremely careful in spending on the right things only. This might help your partner as they might be facing a financial crisis this week.


You will have a lot of confidence this week that’ll guide you towards achieving everything that you want which will lead you to receive appreciation from your colleagues as well as the higher authority. You may be attracting partners this week who are more concerned with freedom than with pairing, or who seem to be quite extravagant. Make sure that these partners are actually useful to your company before making a decision. Your mind will be at its creative best this week. New ideas, opportunities, solutions developed by you will be appreciated at your workplace this week. Your partner will be very supportive with your troubles this week and will provide you with all the help you need. Including in your work and business. You need to express your gratitude towards your partner this week. 



You will face struggling situations this week but will acquire great learning lessons as well. The need for money will make you understand the difference between your real well-wishers and simply those people who pretend to care for you. Due to your unstable working routine this week, you will feel deprived of energy and stamina. Keep your diet rich with nutrition and proteins to improve your stamina. You might feel vulnerable in a negative way in your relationship in the beginning of the week but you’ll soon realize that this was for the best as your relationship has been stuck at the same stage since a while now and it will move forward this week. You will need to continue to put in efforts into your health which include having a regular routine, exercising and not being sleep deprived which might be tough and tedious for you.


You will feel extremely loved and appreciated this week, which will boost your confidence. This week your partner will make you feel like you’re worth a lot more than you have been given till date. Hence you will walk through every place this week as you own it. Your love life will flourish to a new level this week. You will feel loved and you will in-turn love and care for your partner. This is a very good week for you to take the next step in your life. You will achieve a lot of compliments from your co-workers as you have been the best teammate this week. You will be in the pink of your health as well this week. You will enjoy the company of people around you. Your good health and great energy level will make you popular at your workplace and a centre of attraction everywhere throughout the week. Work on taking out more time from your work to focus on your relationship and getting to know each other’s triggers and what makes each other happy. 


This week you will have to work on being more resilient and self-sufficient. Promotion and salary increments are on your card this week. Your business will get profitable offers for new ventures and projects. Your colleagues and partners will be very cooperative and help you in your quest for success this week. You will experience a positive shift in your finances which will light up your entire week. This success will be well earned by you hence enjoy to the fullest this week. You have always been relaxed and dealt with matters in a calm and composed way but this week is the week for you to go out full force after what you want be it at work or making things happen for your family. You have a huge responsibility hanging over your shoulders this week. Make it count. 


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