House Training Tips for Dog: How to potty train your furry friend?

House training is the method to potty-train your dog. Initially, it is tough to make your dog habituated with it. Read on to know the steps and do’s and don’ts of it.
House Training Tips for Dog: How to potty train your furry friend?
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House training is to make your dog habituated with urinating and pooping outside. This creates consistency, patience and positive reinforcement in him. But for that, you need to know the right training method and have a lot of patience as primarily, you will have problems to give him the training. So, you have to make him habituated with this.

Generally, dogs take 4 to 6 months to get house trained. But rare breeds can take up to one year for the full house training. Mostly, puppies take longer time to learn as their metabolism rate is higher. So, here are some tips for house training your dog.

Housetraining tips for dogs:

The right age for the training

According to the vet, you should start giving your dogs the house training when they are between 12 to 16 weeks old. As by then he can control of his bladder and bowel movements to hold it from this age.

Steps for the house training:

Fix a time for his feeding and never change it.

Take out your puppy outside right after a meal, when he wakes up from a nap, before sleeping at night and before they are left alone.

Make them poop on the same spot every day. The scent will make them habituated.

Stay with them outside.

When they are done with everything, praise them or give a small treat. You can also have a walk around the neighbourhood with your furry friend.

Signs that your dog is about to eliminate:

When your dog will be circling, sniffing, barking, scratching at the door, then take him outside right then. These are signs for his elimination.

Things to remember:

Accidents are very common. But don’t stop giving him the training. If this doesn’t work at all, then consult your vet.

Don’t punish him for accidents.

Encourage while he is doing it.

Don’t stay outside with him for a long time.

Clean up everything with an enzymatic cleanser if this happens in the house by chance. They get attracted to the same spot again.

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Anonymous 6 months ago

Very healthy tips. I have got a fully trained german shepherd puppy from Fine Line Family K-9 and he is doing very well. Still, then your tips will definitely help me ahead. Thank you so much.