How to build trust with your partner

Facing difficulties in building a bond of trust with your partner? Here are some tips you should follow.
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Trusting or believing in another person is not something that comes easily to anyone. Building and winning a partner’s trust is like climbing a mountain once again after having fallen a couple of times from the very top.

We often think keeping mum or lying for good might prevent us from hurting someone. That eventually keeps your partner second-guessing constantly which will lead to problems anyway. The only solution for it is expressing not just your thoughts, but also your meta-emotions and your inhibitions regularly so that there is no room for the vacuum of a doubt to fill in. It is not easy, but it gets easier as you go along.

Struggling to establish that bridge of trust in a relationship? Here are some tips you can follow.

Mean what you say

Saying things just for the sake of it is a big no-no. If you’re telling something to the other one, make sure you mean it and really feel that way.

Tell the truth

Be honest. Trying to hide details or keeping some parts of your life locked away from them is never the solution. Open communication is the only way to steering away from all problems.

Keep your promises

If you’ve promised something to your loved one, make sure you keep it. Don’t make false promises just for the sake of it.

Share what you really feel

Communicating via text, email or even on the phone doesn’t help in sending out the true meaning of what you want to express. Make sure you are both heard and understood by talking face to face.

Say no sometimes

Saying no means you are clear about what you feel and aren’t beating around the bush. Be frank about your likes, dislikes and choices.

In the end, as Ernest Hemingway said: “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” 

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