How to care for your pet and infant together?

Looking for a way to balance your life with a pet and infant? Utpal Khot tells you how you can do it.
How to care for your Pet and Infant together?
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Many a times, new moms are often faced with this dilemma. They are not able to handle a pet anymore as soon as they have an infant at home. This all starts when immediately after marriage, both the boy and girl crave for a bundle of joy and get a pup at home. Many times either of the partner carry one from before marriage. The pet is welcomed in the new house (of the couple) with open arms and pampered with loads of love. The problem starts when a baby is delivered in some years and then the lady of the house, the new mother finds it tough to handle things. Let us see how to care for your pet and the infant together.

So al new and not so old moms can take a few minutes to read these important tips. These may bring a huge change in your life and make your life easy.

Prepare for this day 

One needs to realise that someday you will be a mom of a Human baby. Avoid getting a 4 legged home in the first place if you know you won’t be able to manage it later. We all know our capacities. So it’s important to ask our own self and then decide. Having a pet is like adding a new member to the family. So add one only if you can own one and stand up to its expectations every time.

Plan in advance

Once you are aware of the date, plan for the pet in advance. The pet is equally excited to welcome the new baby. You need to understand that a balance is important hence make arrangements to keep the baby away from the pet. There is nothing to worry as such and it I just a way of disciplining all to be careful about the new born. The pet dog is very quick to learn and adapt and will adjust to this change from the start. She/he will avoid going in the baby’s room unless permitted or called in. This will ensure that the infant (new born) does not have any infections or accidental scratch marks) alternatively supervise every minute when the pet is around the baby.

Give space but keep watch

As your infant grows up a bit, give space to the child as well as the pet. Your Dog will never harm your child intentionally. It may however accidentally nudge your child a bit harder than normal since she/he is not aware of the weight of the baby. You need to give both the kids (human and Dog) a fair chance to blend and gel with each other. They will start knowing each other and your pet will start taking extra care of your child. In fact Dogs are known to be the best guards of children.

Discipline the Feed Timings

Since your Infant may ask a feed anytime, your dog may develop a tendency to be unruly. So right from the beginning, discipline the dog for 2 heavy meals and 2 walks a day. This will help you in two ways. The dog won’t ask for multiple meals or walks. Secondly, the Dog will come and remind you for the meal/walk if you miss the hour. The baby can be taken care of for those few minutes when you leave him/her alone by the other member of the household.

Divide time between your two kids

Your pet is a permanent child of yours. However old she/he grows, it will always be a child to you. This child has got used to your dedicated time the whole day. Now with the infant coming in, you as a mom needs to make the pet understand. The dog has to understand that the time is divided and you have to give some part of the day to your baby. Don’t worry, do it patiently. The pet dog will understand that you have another priority in life and will gracefully adjust. This will ensure that there is no heartbreaks and the pet going in depression. 

Live and grow with them together

You need not abandon one for the other. It’s quite possible to manage both and handle both. Dogs especially are well known for their loyalty. They care a lot for infants and babies and guard them over their life. The myth that dog saliva can harm the baby is wrong. Dogs have the cleanest set of teeth and they will never harm the baby. They play very carefully with the infant once it learns to roll over and kick. So you need not get worried when you see the two playings. Its sibling love and you need to look at it with a mother's eyes. 

So you as a new mom can easily shoulder this responsibility and take care of both the pet and the baby to ensure a smooth transition. This will help strengthen a bond between you and your pet and also between the pet and the newborn baby. In the long run, this will help a lot and your baby will find a forever friend in this 4 legged pawed bundle of joy. 

Inputs by: Utpal Khot, Animal activist, Social Worker, Founder-Being The Real Human Foundation

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I m sure a little planning can help your fur babies get along with your new baby.

Anonymous 2 months ago

It isn’t fair to come home from hospital one day with a new baby and suddenly shut your dog away in the kitchen. Better to find a way out and this article is very helpful

Anonymous 2 months ago

I feel that it's very important that your pet’s first introduction to the baby must be positive and gonna make a lot of difference

Anonymous 2 months ago

The arrival of a new baby can be very exciting. It can also be a time of immense change, with a new routine and lifestyle for the whole family – including your pets. With a little forward planning and early changes to your pet’s routine, bringing home a new baby can be a pleasant experience for both you and your pet.

Anonymous 2 months ago


Anonymous 2 months ago

To make things go as smoothly as possible for everyone, it’s important to take some time to prepare your dog for the arrival of your new addition.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I personally feel like when you know that you'll have less time to play with your pet after the baby arrives, so why not get the dog or cat used to the idea early?

Anonymous 2 months ago

Pregnancy is time to reflect that your life is changing, and most pet owners can't focus the same amount of time on a pet when they have to take care of a child.” This arctile can really help a lot of them to manage things.

Anonymous 2 months ago

When you find out that you're pregnant, it's natural to feel nervous and excited. If you're a pet owner, you may feel more anxious than other expectant parents if you're worried about how your pet will get along with your baby.This arctile has really helped a lot in making the correct decision.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Very well described ❤

Anonymous 2 months ago

Thank you

Anonymous 2 months ago

Very informative.