How clingy or independent are you based on your zodiac sign?

Partners can be either clingy or independent in a relationship. The former wants to stay connected all the time while the latter loves to do things on their own. Which are you? Astrology can predict this as per your zodiac traits.
How clingy or independent are you based on your zodiac sign?How clingy or independent are you based on your zodiac sign?
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There are two types of persons in every relationship- clingy and independent. Clingy ones always want to stay connected to their partners and don’t believe in giving some personal time to them. They always want to stay together and do everything as a couple. There is no me-time in their bonding. On the other hand, independent people complete themselves. They know how to stay alone and they enjoy that personal time. And they understand how it’s highly important to give some personal time to their partners. They are not in a relationship just for the sake of being together, rather they are involved in the bonding to share their love. 


What kind of person are you-clingy or independent? Well, astrology can tell this based on the zodiac traits. Some sun signs are extremely clingy and others are quite independent. Which group do you belong to? Find out below. 


Zodiac ranking of Clingy vs independent persons according to astrology. 



Cancerians need to be in contact with their partners all the time. When they are together, then they will indulge in constant affectionate touching. Otherwise, there will be many calls, texts and messages to stay connected. If Cancerians don’t hear from their partners for some time, they will start to get worried. 



Librans cannot live alone at all. They always need someone around them and are quite needy. They can even go to a boring function just to avoid staying alone at home. If their partner is going somewhere alone, they will ask to join themselves so that they don’t get bored at home. Librans are very needy but also great to have around for their charming personality. 



Pisceans want someone to love, to feel loved and to share their art. They cannot stay alone at all except when they are creating something. And if they can sense that their partner is losing interest in them, then Pisceans go to any extent to revive the love. 



Taureans are patient and calm so it is not easy to observe their neediness. But they also want to be right, feel loved and admired by their partners. They take a lot of time to trust people but it doesn’t make them independent. They are selective about who they will be vulnerable with. They actually have several needs and are very possessive as well. 



Virgos are not needy and are quite independent. They will do anything for their partner to make them feel loved and pampered. They just want to make sure if their partner is happy with them. If not, then they will go to any extent to put extra efforts. They will always be there when their partner needs them and will provide enough personal time if their partner wants to be alone for a while. 



These people are not needy but always want their love returned to themselves. If they don’t get that much love which they are investing, they will be really needy and obsessed. They want to make sure that they are getting enough love as they are investing in their partner. But they don’t consider it harmful to hope for what you deserve. Sometimes they are intensely associated with their partner and this other time, they don’t look for them at all. 



Gemini people are a mixture of clingy and independent and that is maybe because of their two-faced personality. They want a deep connection in their bonding but also hope for some persona time in it. They can stay alone but also need to have people around them. Because they have an intense need to communicate with others. 



Leos consider themselves to be independent but they are solely dependent on attention and compliments. They want to be admired by the people around them and the leader of all. They want their partner to make them feel loved and pampered always, otherwise, they will be with someone else. 



Capricorns are independent but may get needy in a relationship. Initially, they take time to trust someone. So, they won’t show any deep connection with their partners in the initial time. But once they get that comfort, they will be showing their needs. 



These people are independent, self-sufficient and know how to enjoy alone time with themselves. They keep their emotions and feelings to themselves only. They never want to bother someone with their own problems. 



They are extremely independent and don’t want to get associated with only one person. They don’t like to depend on one person and cannot change their plans for other’s feelings. 



These people are also highly independent. They can do anything on their own and don’t need anyone else to do it. So, they need to learn to let their partners do something for them in their relationship.

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