How to come out as LGBTQIA+ to your desi parents

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How to come out as LGBTQIA+ to your desi parents
How to come out as LGBTQIA+ to your desi parents

Planning to come out of the closet and inform your loved ones about your true sexual identity can be a daunting prospect. After all, you probably expect them to bombard you with a host of questions about being lesbian, gay, or bisexual. But there are other concerns that may plague your mind, such as wondering whether or not it would change your dynamic with your parents or whether the news would upset them. So you can peruse through some aspects you must consider before sitting your parents down for such an important conversation.


Choose a good time for yourself
One of the first things to ponder upon is choosing the right time for the conversation. For instance, you must speak with them of your own volition instead of having to blurt out your sexual orientation as a part of an ongoing argument or in the heat of the moment. You may also want to consider speaking to your parents in private, as opposed to being in the presence of other family members such as your grandparents, uncles, and aunts or siblings.
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Recognize that you don’t need to tell them 'together'
While our parents often present a united front, there’s no harm in breaking the news to one of them earlier than the other. If you have a more casual dynamic with one of your parents and feel that they would be more supportive of you, then you must confide in them at first. You can even use their assistance to speak to your other parent so that you are in a safe space and feel more accepted. 

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Understand that their initial reactions could be unexpected

While instantaneous support and an abundance of love is the perfect response that you deserve, it may not always happen immediately. Their initial reactions may be unpredictable, but you must give them some time to come around. This is considering the fact that you may have taken weeks or months to accept your reality and share it with them. However, they have just found out!

Accept that they may have some questions

After they have had a chance to process the news, they may have some questions for you. You must remember to remain calm in case your folks unintentionally phrase things in a way that could be hurtful to you or even offensive. Educating them is critical so that they can better understand you. 

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Having your family support and accept your orientation is a major milestone and can help you in owning your own sexuality. We hope you receive all the strength and support you need while you are coming out!

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