This is how different zodiac signs behave when they have a crush on someone

Did you know your zodiac sign can predict how you act around your crush? From adorable to silly things, this is how you might react when you see the person you like.
love,People,zodiac sign,crushThis is how different zodiac signs behave when they have a crush on someone

For some having a crush is the most beautiful thing, but for others it can be an awful experience. While some people keep calm and plan their every move with caution, others just go all out and embarrass themselves in front of the person they like. Everyone has their own way of expressing how they feel about a certain someone, which makes it difficult for you to understand if the person you like has the same feelings for you. 

But we have some good news – a person’s zodiac sign can tell a lot about them, especially when it comes to love. No one like to go through one-sided feelings or embarrassment of expressing their love only to be rejected later. If you’re someone who is going through the same dilemma, keep reading. 

Here is how every zodiac behaves when they have a crush on someone. 


Aries are confident and enthusiastic who don’t shy away from expressing their feelings. They don’t hesitate from making the first move, in fact, they like to play around and drop hints that they like someone. So, if they like you, they will make it obvious. 


This earth sign is a tactile sign who often uses subtle touch to feel close to someone. If they like you, they might stand close to you or playfully pull your hair. They will also try to bond with you on an emotional level as they take relationships very seriously. 


Those born under this sign go back and forth with their feelings and they can be hard to read whether or not they have a crush on you. What gets confusing is their hot and cold behaviour around their crush – at one moment they will give you the cold shoulder, the other they will flirt with you making it seem obvious that they’re into you. 


People born under this sign are naturally sensitive and shy, which is why they might not be vocal about their feelings. They might try to steal glances or try to keep you close if they like you. But they might not be the first one to make the move. 


Just like Aries, this fire sign is also not afraid of expressing themselves. They love to show off who they like and will be sincere and sweet when you guys are alone. But in case Leo is not being so forward with their feelings, they might try to present the best version of themselves in front of you to impress you.  


Virgos love to help and might come to your rescue when you need help. When they like someone, they shower them with attention and listen carefully to every word that person has to say. So, if they see their crush struggling, they will be the first one to turn into a personal advisor. 


Libras prioritise love over other things in life. They like how this feeling makes them energized. When they develop a crush on someone, they try to be in sync with their crush’s movement. Also, they let everyone know how great they think you are.


Scorpios are known to be secretive and it is no different when it comes to love. If they like someone, they might hide their feelings rather than expressing them. They might even disguise their true feelings by being a bit rude. They take time to see if the person they’re interested is worth all the efforts. The only things that give them away are sneaking glances – in a good way.  


Sagis can’t hide their feelings even if they try to. They make sure the person they like is having as much fun as they are. They might be more playful and energetic around you if they like you. In short, every part of their body will scream that they like you without you even making the efforts. 


They are poised and like to take things slow. Don’t expect some grand gesture but they will make you feel extremely special in every way possible if they like you. They will try to impress you by investing time and efforts. 


They love to socialize but they get nervous when they see their crush around them. It might even lead to them being silly and show child-like giddiness, pull hair, or try other tactics to get your attention. 


Pisces are romantic beings who will go out of their way to make their crush feel special. But they can be shy too, which means that might get afraid of asking their crush out.

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