How do you express anger? Know as per your zodiac sign

Do you get angry easily? Find out what your zodiac sign has to say about the way you express your emotions.
People,zodiac sign,astrology,angry signsHow do you express anger? Know as per your zodiac sign
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Everyone feels frustrated or get angry at some point in their lives. There are a plethora of reasons why someone would get angry and everyone has their unique way of showing their anger. While some people are extremely vocal with their feelings, others don’t show any signs of anger. According to astrology, some zodiac signs are more aggressive than others. However, no one is immune to this emotion. 

So, which one are you? Are you the passive-aggressive type or a ranter? You can be either - the type who gets angry easily, or you may be slow to show anger. It might have something to do with your zodiac sign. Your horoscope can tell a lot about the kind of person you are or how you would react when you get angry. 

Here is how each zodiac sign shows anger according to astrology.


Aries are direct in their approach and get frustrated by unnecessary nuances. They have little temper control and pretty much anything can set them off. While they possess a lot of good qualities, they can’t take it when people get in their way. When they get angry, everyone around them will know as they are the ones who don't hold back from expressing how they feel.


Taureans are pretty calm usually, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t angry. After all, this earth sign is represented by the bull. When they get angry, there is little someone can do to calm them down. They get very loud and might even throw things, so think twice before you upset a Taurus.


Geminis have a jovial personality and the best one to hang out with when there is an ugly fight at a party. However, when they lose their cool, they yell and scream. Once anger takes over, they don’t listen to reason and say some hurtful things. But the twins can also be calm and strike someone with their sarcastic words.


Cancerians are very emotional, so they start with sulking when they are angry. Then they move on to the passive-aggressive mode. When they feel that no one is taking their feelings seriously, they might cry and finally let go of pent emotions if the situation persists. A pissed off Cancer holds no bar, but it takes a long time for them to get there.


Leos aren’t passive-aggressive types like Cancer. When they are angry, they can be extremely loud and noisy. The more they shout, the better they feel. They don’t care about other’s opinions which is why they don’t feel apologetic after the angry display of emotions. They resort to offensive language, which can cause a strain between them and their opponent forever.


Most Virgos are gentle and have full control over their emotions, so you hold it in until the situation gets out of hands. But when you’re filled with rage, you tend to break things and more likely to hurt yourself in the process than anyone else. You might hold grudges forever.


Libra likes balance in life and don’t like when things don’t go as planned. Also, you are very conscious of your image, which is why you don’t like showing your anger. While you try your best to keep your emotions under control, you might end up losing your cool once in a while. But when you do get angry, you always have a justification for it.


People born under this sign might look proud, haughty and short-tempered. On the contrary, they aren’t easily angered. Once they are, they say sarcastic things and give a look that sends shivers down anyone’s spine. However, they might get angrier with themselves for showing their weakness.


You are not a fan of drama and have complete control over your emotions. You don’t get angry easily, but when you do, you might hurt the other person with your words. However, you can also be the one to mend things and convince the other person that it was a silly argument. But you can get hurt to the point of no return, and when that happens you take the person out of your life for good.


Your hard exterior might make people think that you are incapable of showing any emotions, but it’s quite the opposite. You can be very sensitive and angry when you are pushed to the limits. Rather than shouting, screaming or throwing things, you show how disappointed you are with that person. You might criticise them to the point that they feel ashamed of what they have done.


You try to ignore the cause and the person for as long as you can. You stop talking to people and take your time to cool down. When you’re unable to let go of the pent-up emotions, you lose your temper. It may help you get over the negative feelings.


Pisces like to live in their own world, which means you don’t get angry very often. But when you lose your temper, you become self-destructive, violent, and things can take a dramatic turn. But once you calm down, you feel bad and seek forgiveness immediately for your actions.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

I'm a libra and I feel like this is 100 percent accurate. I tend to care very much about my image. And I always try and hold off on showing my emotions

Anonymous 3 months ago

It's true about virgoes, aries and sagittarius as a virgo I know that its true

Anonymous 3 months ago

The above signs descriptions are accurate for moon/ascendant signs. This is not for their sun signs.

Anonymous 3 months ago

As far as leo (esp. Simha Rashi "Purva Falguni Nakshatra" ) is concerned , the given details are absolutely true. That's exactly how they express their anger, but of course , the faster they get angry , the faster they calm themselves down......&......they always try their best not to express their anger & thus , hide it by keeping quiet.

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