How to give your dog a haircut at home? Find out

Are you thinking of giving a haircut to your pet dog? If you are doing this for the first time, then check out the steps for grooming your dog at home right below.
How to give your dog a haircut at home? Find outHow to give your dog a haircut at home? Find out
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It’s always necessary to keep the fur of your pet dog well maintained. It needs to be trimmed regularly as well to make your dog feel comfortable as well. Mostly, dog owners like to give their pets a professional groom, but if you want to give them a haircut at home, then it’s also a good option. The DIY will save your money and would be beneficial during this lockdown period as well.


But if you are giving your dog a haircut of the first time, then you need to learn the method properly. You need to have the right items for it and know the steps properly. This haircutting session is also good to form a stronger bonding with your pet. So, here we have given the process of giving your dog a haircut step-by-step.


Steps to give your pet dog a proper haircut.


Items needed for the Haircut

Curved scissors

Straight grooming shears

Thinning shears

Clipper lubricant

Rounded safety tip scissors

Snap-on guide combs



Steps for the haircut


1- Wash your dog properly with a gentle shampoo to clean the fur. You can then use a blow dryer to dry up the fur properly.


2- You should start giving the haircut with the clippers as they are safer than the scissors. And they also work faster.


3- After the clippers, use scissors to give the hair a good touch and shape, especially in places like face, ears and legs. Different scissors are used for different purposes. Straight scissors are for basic grooming; curved scissors for giving a round shape to the hair; thinning shears for tough areas; rounded tip scissors for delicate parts.




Clipper for the haircut

It is always recommended to use clippers for your dog’s haircut which are specifically made for them. Never use a human clipper for your dog as it can be harmful to their skin. There are different types of dog clippers like:


Rechargeable clippers


Clippers for larger and smaller dog breeds

Light trim clippers


Why regular haircut or trimming is important for the dogs?

In reduces skin problems like scratches, swelling and cuts.

General cleanliness is well maintained.

Strengthens the bonding between the dog and his owner.

Reduces external parasites attack on the skin.


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