How honest vs dishonest you are based on your zodiac signs

We cannot understand who are honest and who are not. But according to astrology, some zodiac signs are highly honest and others are just the opposite of it. Check out the ranking of most to least honest sun signs right below.
How honest vs dishonest you are based on your zodiac signsHow honest vs dishonest you are based on your zodiac signs

Honesty is the foundation of any kind of healthy relationship. Because this holds the bonding in its place. Dishonesty creates confusion amongst people which later leads to a great conflict. So, for a happy and peaceful relationship, we all have to maintain some kind of loyalty to our loved ones. 


It’s not possible to know which person is honest or dishonest. But astrology may predict that to some extent. Based on the zodiac signs, a person’s character can be defined including his loyalty level. Read on to know the most honest and dishonest star signs right below. 


Zodiac ranking of most to least honest zodiac signs. 



These people are the most honest ones. They will always tell you the truth about you without any fake compliments. You can also rely on them for sharing your secrets. They make a great leader but sometimes can be a bit impulsive. But this doesn’t affect their honesty. 



Librans are diplomatic but are honest about their feelings. They want to see equality in every place. But they often feel uncomfortable when it comes to confrontations but that doesn’t mean they cannot recognise their own feelings. They just want to avoid conflicts and hence cannot be brutally honest to everyone. 



This star sign is also highly honest and true about their feelings. This sign wants to be on the spotlight so that they can gel with other people and say the true feelings about them. So, there is no harm in being an attention-seeker, because they do it to establish a connection with their honest feelings. 



People of this zodiac sign have a great sense of humour. And they have a habit of revealing the harsh truth through their comedy. So, in this case, they need to think a bit before saying something. But the most positive side of this zodiac sign is that they cannot be dishonest with fake feelings. 



This star sign is another trustworthy one. They love and take care of their dear ones to the core and like to be true to them. But they want people to get dependent on them so that Taureans can help them with their perceptions. But there is no harm in it as they do it out of their sentiment to others. 



People think that they are highly judgmental about everything. But in actuality, they just cannot stay without sharing their own true feelings. Since this zodiac sign is a perfectionist, they expect the same kind of commitment from others and that is why they like to be honest to help them. 



This star sign has often been misinterpreted as a two-faced person. Because they really cannot share what they are actually feeling. But that’s not bad at all. They just don’t want to hurt others by revealing the harsh truth about them. So, for Geminis, it’s better to be nice to every person to have peace in relationships. 



Strategic, practical and sorted Capricorns are brutally honest about their feelings to others. Though it may sometimes hurt people, they don’t want to create any misconceptions in relationships. And that’s why it feels right to them to share true feelings. 



People of this star sign are not dishonest or liars. They are actually highly secretive and that’s why they tend to hide their true feelings. So, it becomes very tough for other people to know what a Scorpio is thinking. So, people need to observe their behaviours to know their actual feelings. 



They are dishonest only with their emotional feelings. Because being vulnerable with someone really terrifies them. In other cases, they only say the truth. But if you are waiting for an Aquarius to reveal his or her feelings first, then it’s just a time-waste for you. 



People of this sun sign are not dishonest about their feelings. But they are often misunderstood by their unintentional behaviours. They don’t want to represent themselves in a negative way, but their way of talking gets misinterpreted. 



Cancerians often tend to hide their true feelings just to avoid conflicts. But they cannot hide their behaviour if they have negative feelings for someone. So, it is better for them to tell the truth rather than showing negative behaviour.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Yesss mine was too! 17 years down the drain

Anonymous 1 month ago

Liars of the zodiac. Leo's, Pisces, Aquarius, Aries, Capricorns, Libra, Gemini, in no particular order!

Anonymous 1 month ago

My ex is a Gemini and he was never honest . A thief, liar and the biggest con artist on.this planet Earth.

Anonymous 1 month ago

So that means maybe these signs are not entirely true.

Anonymous 1 month ago

My ex is an aries and was a complete liar a narcissist and a sadist

Anonymous 1 month ago

Yesss mine was too. 17 years down the drain

Anonymous 1 month ago

Same with mine

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