How to introduce your new girlfriend to your desi parents

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Introducing your new girlfriend to your desi parents
How to introduce your new girlfriend to your desi parents

When a relationship gets serious, there often comes a time when your partner may express interest in meeting your parents. While you may desperately want this fateful meeting to go smoothly, preparation is key because it is never easy bringing your lover home in a desi family. Some take time to ensure they’re dating the one they will be marrying before introducing her to their parents. However, whether or not you’ve popped the question to your boo, here are a few ways you can plan this meeting.

Explain the situation to your parents beforehand

People rarely like to be surprised or ambushed into meeting someone new. So you might want to sit your parents down and inform them about your relationship. It cannot hurt to talk up your girlfriend and tell them some things you love about her.

indian parents meeting the girlfriend

Offer your girlfriend some great conversation starters

Sparking up a conversation with your parents may not come easily for your girl. If you wish to avoid awkward silences, then offer her some information about your parents, such as their hobbies and interests. Be it travelling or gardening, such conversation starters can work as the perfect catalyst to building a great bond.

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Discuss dos and don'ts with your partner

You must clue your partner into important house rules that your parents tend to uphold. This could be simply taking off shoes before entering the home or instantly touching elders’ feet on meeting them. If you’re dating a hugger, speak to them beforehand about avoiding a physical display of affection in front of your parents. While your parents might be cool with hand-holding, they probably won’t enjoy watching the two of you kiss or hug.

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While your abode is certainly a place where you are comfortable, you must realise that it may be out of your girlfriend’s comfort zone. Therefore, seeing things from her perspective can help to ensure this meeting goes smoothly!

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