THIS is how pregnancy hormones affect your body during each trimester

From the time you conceive until delivery, it is a roller coaster ride that you go through emotionally throughout your pregnancy caused by hormonal changes. To know and understand fully these changes in your body, here is a breakdown of each trimester cycle during pregnancy.
pregnancy trimesters THIS is how pregnancy hormones affect your body during each trimester
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A woman’s body goes through several changes throughout their pregnancy that are linked to severe hormonal changes. These changes cause an eruption in emotions, extreme bursts of anger, mood swings and cravings. It is truly a roller coaster ride of emotions from the time of becoming pregnant until weeks after childbirth.

The feelings of nausea, dizziness, tiredness, anxiety and major mood swings are all the cause of hormonal changes during the course of pregnancy. Soon you start having body pain and sleeping peacefully at night becomes a problem. 

These are the changes that your body goes through at the time of each trimester during pregnancy.

First trimester

The first trimester is all about being dizzy and as your body increases the blood volume, the immunity system changes to protect the fetus. The progesterone and estrogen shoot up in your body during the first trimester and a new hormone chorionic gonadotropin starts producing. Because of an increase in progesterone levels, you can have mood swings.

Blood increase in your body can cause you to the use the washroom more often as there are more fluids produced in your body. Your nose might also feel stuffy and swell during this time. One added benefit of an increase in blood flow is good skin, your skin will be healthy and glowing at this time.

You may develop morning sickness because of an increase in Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG. It is also the same hormone that gives you positive stripe when it gets detected in your urine when you take the test. This can give you nausea and a heightened sense of smell. 

Second Trimester

Also known as the best trimester, it is when women start to feel a little less nauseous and better. There might be muscle pain or joint pain during this time. There could be soreness and pain in your hip. 

Your hair might start growing rapidly and you might notice a dark line that goes up on your belly called the linea nigra. You will also notice patched of brown and grey colour on your face. High levels of cortisol might be associated with symptoms like stretch marks, blood pressure and redness on your face. The main hormone that is produced during this trimester is the Human placental lactogen that helps with the growth of the baby.

Third Trimester

The estrogen and progesterone levels are the highest during the third trimester. You will notice swelling on your body, especially around ankles and feet. 

At this stage, you might experience heartburn, acidity that can be caused due to progesterone, allowing food to travel back up.

During this time, the prolactin hormone stimulates the development of breast tissue to prepare for breastfeeding. Before going into labour, a rise in oxytocin will produce contraction in your body, and oxytocin and estrogen help release prostaglandins, which helps to soften the cervix and prepare for birth.

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