How romantic are you based on your zodiac sign?

People are romantic in different ways. If you want to understand it, then you need to focus on the zodiac personality traits. Astrology can tell you about your romantic side.
How romantic are you based on your zodiac sign?How romantic are you based on your zodiac sign?
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People are romantic in different ways. Your style of being romantic might differ from your partner's depending on your personality traits. What kind of romantic person are you? Well, some people may consider themselves shy or unromantic kind of person. But they all are very romantic from the core of their heart. They just cannot recognise them.

Hence, it’s better to decide this on the basis of the zodiac signs. Your romantic side can be weighed by your zodiac personality traits. Read below to know.

Are you a romantic person? Find out.


These people are adventurous and romantic. They are passionate, strong and highly confident. They want to go out for new adventures with their partner and experience new things. Having ultimate fun is a way of being romantic for them. They are also quite impulsive and love to take risks in the relationship.


Taureans are stable romantics. They like stability even in romance. So, these people like to relax in a serene place with their partner with some soothing music, tasty food and cosy vibe. They can be defined as a traditional romantic lover.


Geminis are cynical romantic people. They love deeply and can be an overly romantic person with their partner. They also like to have deep and intellectual conversations with their partner. This attracts them to their special one. Geminis are very romantic but need to be paired up with the right type of person.


Cancer is incredibly romantic. They are the nurturer and caretaker of their loved ones. They are good in picking the right type of energy. So, they know how to be romantic with their partners and be in sync. Cancerians are often considered to be the embodiment of love.


Leos are authentic romantic persons. They admire the idea of being in love. They are highly passionate about their partners. They want attention from their partner, so that they can create deeper bonding with them.


Virgos are known as the perfectionists in romance. They cannot show typical romantic gestures. But their actions say a lot about it. They are practical, sorted and try to do everything perfectly. So, they advise their partners and criticise them so that they can do well in their work. Even if they arrange a surprise party for you, they will make sure, everything is perfect. This effort makes them a romantic lover.


Librans are demanding romantic lovers. This sign is the representation of balance. Their romance is expressed in their care for their partner. They like to take care of their partners and bring a balance in the relationship.  


Scorpions are passionate about romance. They can be madly in love with their partners. They are intense, sensual and mysterious. And these qualities also reflect in their relationship.


They are not traditionally romantic type of person. They embrace freedom even in a relationship. They like to give personal space to their partners. They also want to explore new things with the love of their life. And being funny is their way of being romantic.


They are sincere romantic people. They take care of their family and loved ones. They are independent, career-oriented, practical and sorted. They feel confident with their partner. They strive to make it a healthy relationship. These things make them a sincere romantic type of person.


These people are carefree and romantic. They like to enjoy their free time alone and give their partners some space as well. They don’t like the traditional concept of love. They like to be different and unique.


Pisceans are the hopeless romantics. They believe in the fairy-tale romance where “happily ever after” exists. They will always express their deep feelings for their partners.

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