How to store food in the fridge to keep it fresh for a long time? Find out

If you can keep the food in proper order in the fridge, then it will be easy for you to keep it fresh for a long time. So, find out the right ways of storing foods in the fridge in the correct space.

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How to store food in the fridge to keep it fresh for a long time? Find out
How to store food in the fridge to keep it fresh for a long time? Find out

Often people complain about the freshness of foods in the fridge and the prime reason for it is the wrong method of storing them. All types of food cannot be kept together like dairy products, meat, poultry, veggies, fruits, etc. Each of them needs to be stored differently. Foods, if not stored properly, might have bacteria in it, which has harmful effects on our body.

You have to keep them separately in their specific drawers in different containers. Here are the ways of storing food in the refrigerator properly to keep them fresh for a long time. Read on to know them below.

Here's how to store food in the fridge in the proper way?

Meat, Fish and Poultry

Keep this stuff always in the freezer. Try to avoid putting them at the bottom. If you have the option then set the temperature to 29-degree Fahrenheit for meat, fish and poultry. And always keep them in their store wrapping because re-wrapping will expose the food to harmful bacteria.

Dairy Products

1-  Put milk, cream, cottage cheese, yoghurt, eggs in their containers in which they came. And if you are transferring them to any bowl, then try to cover it up with a plastic wrap.

2-  For hard cheese, use wax paper, foil or loose plastic to store once you use them.

3-  Don’t keep the milk in the door or at the front portion of your fridge. It cannot be kept cool properly then.

Fruits and veggies

Keep the veggies and fruits separately in their drawers in this order: apples with apples, potatoes with potatoes, grapes with grapes, etc. because fruits and veggies produce different gases which may damage the quality of other foods. And don’t wash them before storing in the fridge. The dampness may also make it rot quickly. So, wash them properly with water before cooking.

Leftover Foods

Put all the leftover foods in airtight, leak-proof, clear containers or wraps. But don’t store them all in one big container. Divide the foods in small and flat containers to cool them down quickly. Don’t wait for the foods to cool down the heat before refrigerating; modern fridge can handle the heat of the food. But never store any canned food after opening it. As once it is open, the residual metal can leave a metallic taste in the food. For the foods that come in cardboard cartons, make sure you check the validity of it for consumption.


Baked Foods

For freezing baked foods like bread, cake, brownies, etc. first, cool them down in the room temperature and double wrap it for freezing for two to three months. Cookies can be stored in resealable containers or bags. You can also freeze the cookie dough either in rolls or in balls.


Raw eggs should be stored in the eggs compartment of the fridge and they should not come close to any other foods. 

Food Safety

It’s always good to keep the raw meat, fish and poultry completely separate in the freezer away from other cooked foods because they can contaminate the others. And wash your hands properly before and after storing the foods in the fridge.


Always check the temperature before keeping the foods in the fridge. The refrigerator should be on 40-degree Fahrenheit and the freezer on 0 degree.

Containers for storing foods

Wraps- These are best to keep solids like raw meat, fish, bread, etc.

Zip-top Bags- Zip top freezer bags are good for short-term usage and saving space.

Plastic Box with Lids- These are also good for short-term usage and for portability.

Large Containers- Glass jars, bowls, pans with plastic lids are best for long term usage of storing foods.

There are several options which you can decide from to store your foods in the fridge. Maintaining these will help you to keep your foods fresh for a long time. And don’t forget to clean your fridge properly two times every month.


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