How stress can harm your baby during pregnancy: 5 tips to avoid stress

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things women experience but there are certain dangers that come with it.
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Every woman wants this journey to be risk-free and healthy. Well, it is common for most pregnant women to stress. You might go through physical, emotional and mental changes. This stress and anxiety that you experience is absolutely not good for your baby. There might be hundreds of reasons to stress about during pregnancy, but learn to be mentally strong for your baby. Stress can cause physical effects to both you and your child. Here is how stress can harm you and your baby.


As we are aware that stress has physical, emotional and mental effects on the body, stress can cause:

  • Severe headaches
  • Eating problems
  • Trouble relaxing or sleeping

Trouble sleeping

  • Fast breathing
  • High pulse rate
  • Anxiety
  • Anger

While the mother experiences these effects, the unborn child can be harmed. It affects the child’s growth and immunity. The development of the child’s brain is affected. Cortisol – the stress hormone can cross the placenta and affect the child’s sleep cycle.


  • Get sufficient sleep and rest – Your body needs rest while you are pregnant. Do not over work or stress. Don’t make yourself feel exhausted at any point of time. Listen to your body and take the rest that is needed.
  • Eat healthy – Make sure you are eating regular meals. It is healthy for your mind, body and most importantly your baby.
  • Do yoga or light exercises – Your body needs some kind of activity. Try and meditate or do yoga. It helps to clear the mind and release stress.

Light exercises

  • Talk about it – If you are stressed for a particular reason or something has been bothering you since a long time, talk to your family or friends. You may get some help which will make you feel better.
  • Do it for your child – Remember it’s about your newborn’s health. You wouldn’t want to affect your child in any way. Therefore, take care of yourself and your baby.

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