THIS is how you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign

We all have our own style of showing love and expecting the same from our partner. And this is also depends on our zodiac personality traits. So, here’s how we want to feel loved and special based on our star signs.

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THIS is how you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign
THIS is how you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign

Every person has their own unique way of showing love to their partners, which vary from each other. Some people are extremely expressive about their affection and others are a bit shy. This completely depends in their personality. Similarly, people also want to be loved in different ways.

Their expectations of getting affection are different from each other. And this also depends on their personality traits, which are related to zodiac signs. So, if we take a look at the zodiac personality traits, then it can be understood how we want to be loved based on our star signs.

How do you want to be loved based on your sun signs?


You want to feel special in your relationship along with surprises, short adventures, exciting date nights, etc. Since you are very spontaneous and passionate about everything, so you expect the same kind of zeal from your partner in the relationship. You want the bonding to be filled with joy and excitement.


You are a very practical and logical zodiac sign who cannot be always extremely lovable towards their partner. You have a great appreciation for material things mostly. When your loved one gifts you something extraordinary, you feel loved and pampered.


Since you easily get bored, so you need someone who can keep your attention to them constantly. You lose interest very easily, so you need constant intellectual stimulation from your lover to feel pampered. Geminis want their partner to teach them something new and exciting regularly.


Cancer will do everything for their partner, only when they can trust them completely. They will pamper and take care of them to the core. But in return, they want 100 percent from you. You only feel loved when your partner does the same things that you do in return.


You love attention. So, to make you feel loved, your partner needs to make you the centre of his attention. You need to constantly feel that you are the main priority in your partner’s life. And if you post pictures of you two on social media that would even be better to make them feel loved and validated.



You tend to think a lot about others and take care of them every time, which makes you often feel to be unappreciated. You are the kind of person, who shows love through their actions and not words. And this way also you feel loved by your partner. If your partner helps you in something, then you feel really happy.


When you are with your partner, you always feel loved. So, you want your partner to be with you always. You want them to have an interesting conversation with you and have a great sense of humour. It also feels great for you, when your partner encourages your independence and gives you some personal space as well.


You take time to trust someone in a relationship, So, your partner needs to wait to make you feel comfortable in the bonding. And once, you feel comfortable and trust your partner, then you feel passionate about the bonding. So, you hope for the same level of reciprocation from your guy. You become more interested in a person when he has any kind of secret or complex trait.


You love freedom and adventures. So, you feel loved when your partner lets you enjoy your freedom and go out on an adventure. And in return, you also like to give them their own free space.


You are hard to reach. You feel loved when your partner goes beyond their limits to get our attention. And you can easily make them feel pampered as well. You will invest in a bonding that will last long.


You don’t believe in love at first sight. So, you need someone who will be your friend at the initial stage of the relationship. And you also mostly feel loved when someone respects your personal space.



You are the most romantic zodiac sign who is imaginative, artistic and creative. So, you want someone who appreciates your feelings, imagination and creativity. You mostly love it when your partner takes you out for a classic dinner-movie date.

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