‘I told Anushka Sharma’s mother, the duo would have a baby; she laughed,’ numerologist, Sanjay B Jumaani

Astro numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani claims he had predicted Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s baby arrival and even craftily mentioned it to her mother. Find out more

Seeing the future, astrology and numerology can all be dependant on faith. While some believe that the ‘stars will align’ others believe highly in numbers and how they play their role in making big things happen. From what it looks like, one such believer is Anushka Sharma’s mother who visited Astro-numerologist, Sanjay B Jumaani. He says, “When Anushka Sharma’s mother consulted us for her venture, I had craftily mentioned to her that as per numbers, the duo would have a baby; to which she laughingly responded saying that they had no such plans as they’re career-driven.” He then claims, “Well, I did reason with her saying that both would be in their favourable periods, and could thus be blessed with a baby around this time!”


“Call it destiny's innings if you may!,” he then adds. 

While talking about his predictions, he also puts his numerology to test by claiming that the baby girl is lucky to have been born on Rahul Dravid’s birthday, “Now coming to what the numbers have in store for their bundle of joy: Blessed they are to have their little one delivered on the same date as the legend himself; the wall that stands still, Rahul Dravid!”

He further adds, “Born on the 11th January, she is primarily a number 2, which is governed by Moon, the dreamy, romantic & artistic planet. We’ve been an untiring advocate of 2 (Moon) & 6 (Venus) being the best numbers for entertainment. It wouldn’t be a wonder seeing their baby follow her mom’s footsteps!”


“Yes, the legacy shall continue!” Jumaani adds. He further talked about, “Moreover, she is a double 8, as her destiny is 8 (1+1+1+2021) as well as her zodiac, Capricorn (8 too). 8 is represented by Saturn, the lord of trials. Considering she'll be brought up by her stellar parents, Lord Shanni could pretty much help her supersede her parents' glory!” 

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of Sanjay B Jumaani. They do not reflect the opinions or views of the PINKVILLA or its members.

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Where was his prediction before ?..all these astrologers will start faking about it later...can we challenge him to predict openly about deepika and other actors then ? No, he wont..all false claims
Let him bask in the glory of his 15-minute fame!
  • 3 months ago
Nepotism baby too ...Kangana listening....how you gonna fight that.
Kangu can't won't fight as she is the leader of nepotism. She will be introducing her nephew to movies, so her nephew too will be a nepo kid. She is actively promoting nepotism and her family all the time.
  • 3 months ago
There are so many old wife tales that predicts gender too, now time to give credit to everyone.
Another Nepo will enter industry. Film industry is already lost its glory. It will b doomed
Stop saying same things over and over again. If she choose acting as her career everyone is like "NEPO KID"but what if she chooses as sport as her career ? Then will you say the same??? No you won't...!!!
  • 3 months ago
Stop blabbering nepo and nepo. If she has talent she must and should choose acting and relieves us from annoying actors onscreen.
  • 3 months ago
Jumanji is fake n lair. Gone are his hey days. He's doing cheap stunts to attract gullible middle class customers.
I also used to not trust numbers but they work
Well for a married couple It is usual to have a child...lol... what is astronomical in it???
They never confidently predict anything bad unless it happens and then the internet will be flooded by palm and kundali predictions.
just wondering ... how many babies were born on 11.1.2021 ... :O
Anonymous What's the baby's name
What's the baby's name
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