Ichigo Ichie: Follow THIS Japanese technique and be happy forever

Amid the chaos of life, we often forget to live in the moment. Ichigo Ichie is a Japanese philosophy that will help you reconnect to the present and embrace every moment like it’s the last one. Read on to know more.
happiness,Japanese Technique,Ichigo Ichie Ichigo Ichie: Follow THIS Japanese technique and be happy forever
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All our lives, we spend time either living in the past or worrying about the future. But we forget that we don’t have control over either and the only thing we can control is the moment that we have with us right now. This stands justified especially at times like these when we never thought such a disease would take the world by storm and bring our lives to a standstill. In this age of distraction, we engage in everything superficially and don’t live every moment like it’s a unique experience – this what Ichigo ichie is about. 

A Japanese phrase, Ichigo ichie can be translated to ‘once, a meeting,’ meaning that each meeting and everything we experience is a unique treasure that we will never experience the same way again. If the moment will pass, it will be gone forever. Becoming aware of ichigo ichie will help you value each moment you spend with your loved ones. This Japanese philosophy will help you lead a happier, more fulfilled life without feeling overburdened by the past or being anxious about the present. 

Take a look at the 9 principles of Ichigo ichie to help you lead a better life by living in the moment: 

1. Never postpone or cancel your meeting with anyone. Each meeting is an opportunity in itself and you should embrace it. Each experience is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You never know the person you least expect can make you feel the most alive. 

2. Don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future because you can’t change the past and certainly can’t decide the future. You should make the most of what you have right now. 

3. Explore your inner self and discover new things that you are capable of doing, right at this moment. 

4. Become aware of your five senses to be able to experience every moment for its richness and to increase your level of empathy by being aware of your surroundings

5. Live every moment like it’s the last because you don’t know if you will wake up the next day or not. So, don’t delay happiness and quit the feeling of resentment, hate and everything that pollutes the mind. 

6. Practice ‘sitting zen’ – one of the forms of meditation in Japan. It will help you open the doors to your wellbeing by letting you step away from the daily whirlwind of life. 

7. If you think your reality is dull and predictable, change it by all means. Reinvent your present life to live a better life and a happy one. 

8. Hunt the special moments and don’t let them slip away. As with any activity, the more you practice, the better the results will be. 

9. Don’t wait to experience extraordinary things in life. With the right intention and mind, every day can be a celebration.  

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