Independence Day 2021: Quotes, wishes and messages to send your loved ones on this day

Updated on Aug 16, 2021 09:46 AM IST  |  124.5K
independence day 2021
Independence Day 2021: Quotes, wishes and messages to send your loved ones on this day

As India celebrates its 75th Independence day this year, we are here to commemorate this day with some wonderful quotes, messages and send out these to your loved ones as wishes for a great Independence Day.

Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate India’s freedom from British rule, the United Kingdom. On 15th August 1947, India achieved independence after a great struggle. The freedom fighters fought hard to gain independence and made valour sacrifices that we pay honour and respect to.


This day is to celebrate freedom and many people observe kite flying as a symbol to do that. Here are some quotes and wishes that you can send to your loved ones to celebrate independence day.

"Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?" - Mahatma Gandhi

“They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas.” - Bhagat Singh

“A country's greatness lies in its undying ideals of love and sacrifice that inspire the mothers of race.” - Sarojini Naidu

“If yet your blood does not rage, then it is water that flows in your veins. For what is the flush of youth, if it is not of service to the motherland.” - Chandra Shekhar Azad

We are blessed to have a right to speak and to be heard. A right several brave souls fought for. Let’s take a moment to think of their sacrifice and what they had to pay for the freedom we enjoy. Happy Independence Day!

Our forefathers bought our freedom with their hard work and sacrifice. Now we must work hard to create a better nation for generations that follow. Happy Independence Day!


My love for my nation is boundless. My love for my people is endless. All I desire for my country is happiness. Let me be the first person to wish you a special Happy Independence Day!

Let’s salute our great nation on its Independence Day! I hope you all feel grateful for the freedom you have and are proud of the nation you were born to. Jai Hind!

May your spirits rise with the flag today! Happy Independence Day!

Today I breathe the air of freedom because of the efforts of our great freedom fighters. Happy Independence Day!

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