Indian tradition is the leading way for sustainable ideas in gifting this festive season for Indian brands

Indian market is now acquiring its position again by utilising Indian tradition on different types of products. So, entrepreneur Nitin Jain, co-founder of Indigifts shares his views on how this can help us in having unique gifting ideas for the festive season.
Indian tradition is the leading way for sustainable ideas in gifting this festive season for Indian brands
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Indian market is revived again by encouraging people to buy from local brands and for promoting them. And this has been the core strength to get established again. Irrespective of the fact that Indian manufacturing has seen a dip compared to the times when India was a market leader. 

India has always had the advantage of being rich in its cultural heritage. Local has always been our core strength and it could still act as the knight that might not only help us survive these trying times but also navigate us climb up the ladder. Now, we have seen a change in the patterns of gift items, accessories, home essentials etc. where Indian touch has been used to give a new dimension to these products. And this is getting successful. The co-founder of Indigifts, Nitin Jain tells us how it’s possible. 

How Indian tradition can help Indian market regain its position?

Sustainability in products

With the rising awareness of sustainability, people have now gradually started incorporating it in their lifestyle. They are becoming more conscious of their decisions and their choices reflect on who they ought to be in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment. They are ready to be the change. They are ready to leave a better world for the upcoming generation. On the other side of the rope, several brands have stepped up their game pivoting their model focusing on designing products and services complementing customer’s demand for sustainability. This significant change in the customer’s mindset has further strengthened their belief to develop innovative ideas. 

Indian heritage in different forms of products

There is no doubt that millennials today are the changemaker of any economy. They are reviving the old fashioned, bringing it all back into the market shelves with a unique style statement, simultaneously drawing attention from all corners of the world. They have become patrons to the dying heirlooms and the heritage of the country which is in urgent need of attention. Also, they have been successfully able to create a market for such products by their means of gifting items, home essentials, accessories for men & women, and even stationery products. These products also serve as a beautiful piece of customised gifts that are perfect for one’s personal collection.

The best way forward could be to design products that reflect certain belongingness to individuals keeping sustainability in mind. Something that could be recycled, reused and upcycled. Products like paper light, tea-light stands, cushion covers, tile decorative pieces, frames and others are creating a sizable market for themselves.

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