International Yoga Day 2022: Numero Yoga expert shares yoga poses for zodiac signs like Aries, Leo, Libra

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, an acclaimed astro-numerologist, shares yoga poses for zodiac signs.

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Yoga poses for zodiac signs
International Yoga Day 2022: Numero Yoga expert shares yoga poses for zodiac signs like Aries, Leo, Libra
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Yoga is as old as human civilizations, and people have adopted this heritage for ages. 

Post-pandemic, the awareness and acceptance of holistic well-being paths (such as Yoga) has witnessed a tremendous upsurge across the globe. Regarding Yoga, a myth has been on the rise that Yoga is all about asanas and hath Yoga; however, this is not an accurate picture. Yoga is an art and science of living life where one aligns individual energy to supreme energy to achieve supreme harmony. The "Numero Yoga" is a synergistic combination of Yoga and numerology to steer the person towards the goal of supreme harmony and acclaiming well-being in all physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual, and social paradigms. 

In this synergistic combination, 'Yoga' offers practises and paths for the ultimate sense of well-being, and 'numerology' provides insights into life's purpose and deciphering the cosmic messages of the time, says Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist. Together, they form a path that empowers each to be a better version of themselves. Aligning Yoga practice and cosmic message through time in sync with each other offers more of a natural state and a deep sense of true well-being being nurtured and fostered within each soul. 

numero yoga

How Does 'Numero Yoga' Work

The core foundation of 'numero yoga' lies in the fact that the human body is comprised of five elements. Furthermore, each body's functions are governed by certain number and number combinations and zodiac signs. For instance, Number 1, i.e., the sun rules the Heart and soul in the human body.


5 Ways to Practise it in life 

Work with the Current Dasha & Letter Transits

The most powerful thing in this world is time; one who can align his activities as per cosmic time can master it well. The real art and science of mastering the time are in being proactive and leveraging customized options. 

In Numerology, Dasha (for instance, running age, personal year) and letter transits (special letter from the name that is active at that point of time is an excellent way to look at the cosmic time and choose the Yoga pose and holistic wellness regimen based on the same would be beneficial. 

Based on Elemental Balance of Name

Name is one thing which forms the fundamental public identity of every person. The name comprises letters and ultimately is ruled by planets and elements. In case an elemental imbalance is noted in the name, yoga poses can be leveraged to balance and sync it better. 

Based on Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are one of the simplest ways to look at a person's natal chart and are easier to incorporate into real life. 

Based on the psychological profile of zodiac signs, the yoga regimen for each zodiac sign can be curated to offer optimum effects.

Working with Sync of Birth Number & Destiny Number

A Date of Birth, birth number and destiny number are two critical parameters that govern a person's life. If these two are not in sync with each other, yoga poses can be leveraged to bring a sync to it 
 Working with seasons

Each season rules certain parts of the body, and yoga poses that align those body parts can be chosen in that season. For instance, 'summer season' rules the chest; hence Yoga poses that are big heart openers, such as Chakravakasana, can be leveraged during this season. 

Let us peep into Yoga poses based on zodiac signs.



Bravery, ambitiousness, and honesty are the traits that make them leaders. But with these traits, their recklessness and impatience cause them problems. The Aries Pranayama techniques like Nadi Shodhana pranayama can help to give rest to their impatience and recklessness. Moreover, the Hastha Mudras-Agni Shakti Mudra can control their recklessness.  


Taurus are the ones who want to be successful but without leaving their beds. They can help you when you serve them the best dishes. This laziness can be checked by the Tadasana (Mountain Pose). They are the ones who are the ones who run too far after perfectionism. Uttarabodhi Mudra will help sway their perfectionism. They will increase their problem-solving ability and enhance their focus on solving problems.


Gemini is versatile by nature, but this makes them insensitive. They are anxious and overwhelmed many times. Anxiety starts to creep into them at a time of tension. Hero pose yoga helps to control anxiety and overwhelm. The Kalsevara Mudra is useful for controlling feelings of nervousness and anxiety.


Cancer being loyal, intuitive, and caring, are overly sensitive, moody, and vindictive. Hastpadasana and Janu Sirsasana Yoga control the mood swings and sensitiveness of people. Chinmaya Mudra will relax their mental stress and helps them not to be vindictive toward others.



They are loyal, natural leaders filled with wisdom, but these traits make them stubborn, attention seekers, and arrogant. Sadhana and Pranayam help control the arrogance and attention-seeking qualities. Apan Vayu Mudra will be helpful to the stubbornness of the people and even increases their attention.


Virgo is responsible and reliable. It makes them stubborn, overthinkers, and get frustrated easily. Fish pose, Triangle pose, and the Standing forward bend pose help control the mind and the emotions like stubbornness and overthinking behaviour and protect them from being frustrated.  


Libra is a fair people. They are idealistic and outgoing. They cannot make decisions easily and are unreliable and self-pitying. Meditation and Sadhana help to control self-pitying. Prana Mudra helps to control the unreliable nature of the people.


Scorpios are brave and loyal people, but these qualities make them stubborn, jealous, and secretive. Sadhana yoga is helpful for the removal of jealousy. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) and Kumbhakasana (The plank) are for the stubbornness and secretive nature of the people.



Sagittarians are the ones who are boasting, careless, and attention seekers. The Adho Mukha Svanasana or downward dog pose helps control boastfulness, while the Anjanesyana or low lungs help them sway their emotions. Prana Mudra helps in concentrating and seeking attention.


Their determination and hardworking nature make them materialistic, stubborn, and overly serious. The shoulder stand (Salamba Sarvangasana) and the Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana) help them control their stubbornness and overtly serious nature.


Unpredictability, being extremists, and impulsive nature hides their good qualities as friendliness, open-mindedness, and humanitarian. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold Pose) can be for controlling unpredictability and controlling impulsive nature. Chinmaya Mudra keeps them calm and stops them from being extremists.



Pisces need clarity, act secretive, and are oven confused. Anjaneyasana, or Low Lunge or Crescent Moon Phase, is for creating mental clarity. It makes them calm and reduces their confusion. Uttarabodhi mudra is for reducing secretiveness.

Note: A more precise and personalized yoga regimen can be designed based on a complete Date of Birth and Name aligned with cosmic time to infuse positivity and decipher the true meaning of time

On this yoga day, pledge to devote your Yoga poses to the proactive and personalized regimen. 

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